This is how Chandler plays a Par 5 #golf

48 Replies to “This is how Chandler plays a Par 5 #golf”

  1. Boxsy golf says:

    You are getting so much better🎉

  2. Ab 412 says:

    That’s not a par🤣 your playing a par 5 that’s for bird

  3. plexify says:

    My new favorite golfer keep it up chandler

  4. gzod says:

    the most wholesome video i have seen today

  5. I don't even mess with golf, its just cool to see Chandler doing something he enjoys

  6. Nick Hobson says:

    Dude actually got a smooth swing

  7. Rob L says:

    Tuck your shirt in

  8. Kevin Dodd says:

    The rare times being aggressive works for us amateurs. Well played

  9. Nolan Dowker says:

    That chip was beautiful

  10. _tannerkirk says:

    Chandler is improving 👀

  11. Rick star says:

    Chandler is the best

  12. my mans getting better!!! atta boi

  13. ILL Dusty says:

    Grant Horvat broke the curse 😂 Your insane Chandler, you've improved so much in so little time keep it up

  14. Galaxy says:

    Id love to see Jimmy collab with Chandler on this channel (I doubt it cuz Jimmy jus has way to much energy for golf)

  15. hand some says:

    Chandler and chris got addicted to two different types of balls

  16. How is brother Bobby?

  17. Chan Chan leave mr beast and start your own channel

  18. Slimyfishszn says:

    Chandler upload full golf vids plzzzzz

  19. Matthew451 says:

    Your the best man I love your video's

  20. Dean says:

    Dude that follow through is looking nice.

  21. AllSportsS says:

    Day one of asking chandler to invite me to play holes with him

  22. Who the fook is this guy.

  23. Russel says:

    Tach me master

  24. Jwalkiin says:

    that second shot was beautiful. The sound of the club hit was chefs kiss.

  25. Bruno Martin says:

    Why aren’t you with mr beast longer ?

  26. W1se says:

    Golden outro

  27. Christiano ronaldo SUIIIIIIII. CR7 BIG MACS

  28. Mr. Duckford says:

    You should play a hole with jimmy

  29. Ethan Muller says:

    I love how Chandler uses an older Callaway rogue !! I love that club

  30. EfoME says:

    Chandler played golf for 7 days straight while the beast bros suffered on the raft 😂

  31. Robert Alan says:

    Woah. Nice!! Improving nicely man.

  32. Matt Moon says:

    Chandler let’s collab! I’ll fly out to Greenville.

  33. ChakaFlaka says:

    Nice hold brotha! …. Never thought I’d say that..

  34. Polariss says:

    I love this channel you should post some longer videos. I would definitely watch them

  35. Cutter Creek wasn’t ready for Golf with Chandler.

  36. Caden Smith says:

    At least Chandler is still a boy.

  37. Heyitzace says:

    Is he still with Mr.Beast?

  38. Jasper says:

    Top g = You
    Ps let’s see jimmy play😂😂😅😅

  39. Jahn Mark says:

    How is he so money?

  40. Aksel Beedon says:

    Your swing has gotten so much better

  41. Upgraded his clubs and that game upgraded incredibly lol

  42. Congratulations on 100k 🎉🎉

  43. Nash says:

    What’s ur handicap?


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