Bryson DeChambeau Insane 58-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Mon Aug 7

Matt Adams recaps Bryson DeChambeau’s magical 58 on Sunday to win at LIV Golf Greenbrier in historic fashion. We wrap a bow around the PGA Tour’s regular season with Lucas Glover winning the Wyndham Championship as the playoffs are now just days away. Incredible weekend of golf with the playoffs and Ryder Cup just around the corner.


15 Replies to “Bryson DeChambeau Insane 58-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Mon Aug 7”

  1. As always, Matt is fair to LIV GOLF! AWESOME

  2. guyrestivo says:

    yes..58 was indeed an accomplishment..just curious–were they playing ball-in-hand with the rain(and were the tees up).also..saw alot of 10 footers for birdey–im guessing he hit alot of wedges into golf is not top level golf–look at the no-name and average-at-best players on the final leader sure half the players on the Corn-ferry tour would also be on that leader board if they played

  3. john bowen says:

    Thank you for covering the LIV tour and Bryson’s historic round , unlike the Golf Channel .😢

  4. N. I. says:

    The question whether Bryson is polarizing is interesting. He is different and has clearly said wrong things but like Matt said is finding and navigating his way through life. So the people that find him polarizing probably dont like different and not accepting that people have flaws and make mistakes. People that doesn’t think he’s polarizing are probably more understanding and accepting and have a glass half full perspective. Unfortunately, the world seems like the people like the latter are in the minority. The critics don’t see that they are also different and have made mistakes but feel like they can judge others negatively. Compassion is a powerful thing but the people seeking power are blind to it.

  5. N. I. says:

    Awww Matt you didn’t watch the coverage. They showed several views of the leap. From afar showing Bryson and the hole as the ball dropped and also zoomed in on only Bryson as the putt tracked, went in and the double leap. Chicken skin watching it as it happened. One thing to watch a replay but so exciting to watch it as it happened. Imagine the people there in person to be part of that history.

  6. N. I. says:

    Ignore the haters and forget that it’s only 3 rounds, it’s only a par 70, it’s not against the top players, watching that round was one of the most entertaining this year on any tour. Thats what golf fans want to see, entertaining golf period. If pga haters of Liv didn’t think this was special, then their view of golf is distorted and self serving.

  7. London Wines says:

    58 in shorts is still gross. If it was 4 rounds he would be taking the moldy bronze or less

  8. Nick Craciun says:

    Crazy that people are downplaying this because there's been other sub 60 rounds at Greenbrier and the fact it's in LIV. 58 is incredible no matter what course, given its from back tees, and no matter what competition it is in. 58 is WILD and people poo pooing it are just ridiculous.

  9. Reg Dunlop says:

    How come the GC didn’t have their “59 watch” on the screen?😂

  10. gürhan kaya says:

    Crazy stuff, like watching a videogame.that 54 looks kinda doable now😮

  11. John Kollias says:

    Sorry, not a Bryson fan at all. He was a punk when playing on the PGA tour and allot of folks were glad he went over to the dark side, where he belongs.

  12. Kevin 14 says:

    58 with a bogie and missed 2 birdies by millimetres. This is as close as anyone will ever get to a 54. Outstanding golfing display

  13. JW P says:

    I'm happy for him but please, his round has all the historical significance of a guy shooting lights out at the local muni.

  14. Didn’t Moe Norman shoot 59 four times?

  15. Fit Trad3r says:

    Surprised you actually gave any credit to Bryson. Was guessing you would miss today hung over from binging on Bud Light after your hero Megan Rapinoe missed that penalty kick. 😂
    Been bad summer for woke Matt and Dom.

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