Stop the golf club to speed it it – golf swing lesson

Hit the golf better than ever before by stopping your golf swing to speed it up. Simple golf lesson for all golfers with Mark Crossfield.


8 Replies to “Stop the golf club to speed it it – golf swing lesson”

  1. James says:

    The problem is when we start they say to stop flipping so we don’t do this because it seems like flipping. Thoughts mark?

  2. R R says:

    This can also cause someone to become flippy. I wouldn’t recommend this at all

  3. twrigh42 says:

    Just broke my wrist trying this 😫 😩

  4. It’s a good drill if you want to get rid of your short open face shots 🙏

  5. Jim Treacy says:

    Seeing a lot of golf tips recently involving a cack handed grip.
    Maybe cack handed is the way to go?

  6. Hey diddle says:

    Jesus never heard so much jargon

  7. Better golfing through better physics 👍 The downswing is like a three stage rocket: 1) drop the hands down into “the slot”; 2) let the club head accelerate down around the hands, and 3) fire the hips so the body turn catches up to the hands. 😀

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