Building Some More Of Our Lookout Tower! (Sons Of The Forest)

Season 2 of Sons Of the Forest,

It’s been a while since we built some of out tower. I think we should try and add another floor to it.

Building Some More Of Our Lookout Tower! (Sons Of The Forest)

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An entirely new experience from the makers of the ‘The Forest’
Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested hellscape. Craft, build, and struggle to survive, alone or with friends, in this terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator.

A Survival Horror Simulator
Experience complete freedom to tackle the world how you want. You decide what you do, where to go and how best to survive. There are no NPC’s barking orders at you or giving you missions you don’t want to do. You give the orders, you choose what happens next.

Fight Demons
Enter a world where nowhere is safe and fight against a range of mutated creatures, some who are almost human like, and others who are like nothing you have ever seen before. Armed with pistols, axes, stun batons and more, protect yourself and those you care for.

Build and Craft
Feel every interaction; Break sticks to make fires. Use an axe to cut out windows and floors. Build a small cabin, or a sea-side compound, the choice is yours.

Changing Seasons
Pluck fresh salmon directly from streams in spring and summer. Collect and store meat for the cold winter months. You’re not alone on this island, so as winter rolls in and food and resources become scarce you won’t be the only one looking for a meal.

Co-op Gameplay
Survive alone, or with friends. Share items and work together to build defenses. Bring back-up to explore above and below ground.



12 Replies to “Building Some More Of Our Lookout Tower! (Sons Of The Forest)”

  1. 😂 hey its ok I forget things all the time legit walk into the kitchen forgetting what I went there for kinda thing but multiple times a day😂😂

  2. Spill Gates says:

    Welcome back, @27:00 maybe fill the gap on your stair landing with a full log under your railing, to connect the look of the stairs. Also maybe put a window under the stairs to fight from, might look better with a windowed shutter. You could even have a door on the inside wall to make a shooting box. The shutters might visually tie in with your wooden stair walls. I never plan anything ahead of time, I think it makes for much more fun building despite the frustration.

  3. If I was able to play sons of the forest honestly I'd have a plan of what type of building I want but build it as I go

  4. To fill stairs with stone just place one stone on the side that you Place the log across and once you fitted your stairs you can completely fill in that side. The other way is to completely build the stone wall for the 2 sides and back of the stairs and once fully built you will have the option to add the stairs. If you do this make sure you don't remove any stones at all from the side and back because you stairs will start twisting and weirdly forming angles that don't make sense lol but that method means you don't need any logs apart from for your stairs. If you use the first method you can have the sides and back filled however you want. Bastio is the best channel for clever building methods i get inspiration from for my own creations. I love this game

  5. Kelvin is kept happier if after every 3 task you give him a break, even if he is just sitting on his arse. I have no scientific evidence for this, just seem to work.

  6. I think the new rating system only works until day 40 or something, after that you can expect a daily attack by mutants AND cannibals. Nearing day 100 there is less cannibals because all their villages are taken over by creepies.

  7. Tommy666 says:

    First time i watched a playthru of yours and that base of yours sent me to heaven!

  8. Grass says:

    9:18 Try a combination of chair, fireplace and blueberry in 1 place for him to gain energy. Or yet enough, a water source. I forgot that my base is chilling by the river so this unintentionally makes Kevin can hydrate anytime but here there is no water. Try having a pot of sterilized water or a turtle rain collector at the same spot that you want him to chill so he'll gain energy faster. BlueBerry's does make him work longer for me though. Even if the plant didn't grow yet to full size, he can still eat from it.

    Its just annoying how he needs quite alot of time to rest now compared to the previous patches.

    edit: just retried this, he wont sit or rest at all now unless you make him follow you to a resting spot and ask him to take a break. After you see him stand, he's fine to do around 2-3 task unless it involves cutting trees then carrying logs or fishing. For some reason those activities drain his energy faster

  9. Grass says:

    6:51 that tree structure is kinda close with another structure. You might need to reinforce the tree itself with 4 logs in case it gets attacked by the red guys. The tree platforms are really easy to break compared to the log fences in this game

  10. Paulo da S says:

    Who wouldn't want to live in a castle on a cliff w/ a 3 legged gf and a…Kelvin 🤔 on a secret cannibal island w/ a golf course and Shooting Range = Everywhere… Sign Me Up!
    *Building: I believe 'Everyone has a plan -until the game Mike Tysons you in the face' (x

  11. DADGAMER says:

    If you plant Blueberries in her house either V or Kelvin will go in and eat it. She also will lay on the bed you can make to save and chairs. Just a thought. My Kelvin is pretty broken too. Not sure if its the update but hes getting terrible.

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