Buying Out His Entire Flea Market Booth!

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47 Replies to “Buying Out His Entire Flea Market Booth!”

  1. ABWA family says:

    Thank you thank you for coming to my Whatnot live. I cried so much. Big fan.

  2. what a haul! 😮😮😮😮

  3. youre taking the hangers off wrong… lol

  4. Grunt Dread says:

    Idk if it sold but that grateful dead shirt is 100% something I'd love to grab from you. My mother has the exact one that is completely torn and tattered, I've never seen it again and would love to replace it

  5. gatty celine says:

    600 dollars for what bro

  6. Hi hi missing the 'video a day' episodes.


  8. Good Tees bulk deal..3$ pcs.🤔👍

  9. I have 82 Vintage Harley Davidson. 27 1990-1999 tees and 55 2000-2015 tees/sweaters/rain jacket/ and vest! Im located in Indiana.

  10. I would've knocked him down to $450. 😊

  11. Some awesome shirts 😎

  12. You and hailey make a great team by the way dope 🇲🇽 tshirt 👌

  13. i feel like you;ve been hard on yourself lately josh!!! you should feel proud that you are helping so many people be financially free =) thank you!

  14. aaron sage says:

    mate that t shirt haul is my absolute dream! if i saw that id be shaking lol

  15. kara shaw says:

    What do you use to record your video??

  16. Kafen says:

    I love how down to earth and appreciative you guys are about how blessed you are. It’s so refreshing to hear in a world full of complainers. I wish nothing but the best for you and Haley.

  17. I’m a huge Van Halen fan. If you have t shirt left I would an opportunity to purchase one. Thanks. Great video

  18. Kerry Nihart says:

    My husband just bought a Christian Dior tote bag that was new with tags and was identical to the original one but was missing the correct inside tag, so we lost money on that. 💔I’m glad that y’all are able to connect with the right people who have reliable connections themselves. God bless y’all! Thanks for the great information that y’all provide. We love to watch your videos! 😊

  19. I'm screaming at my phone don't do it Josh don't do it don't do it that Pollos not worth it I'm glad you put it back

  20. can i buy the duck t-shirt at 3:12?

  21. Shah S says:

    That bundle of games for $300 was a steal. Can't believe you didn't buy it

  22. What is the name of this flea market

  23. Why was the coors hot so expensive was it special?

  24. That was a GREAT pickup there y'all..Keep Crushing It!! Stay HUMBLE, Stay HUNGRY, Stay FOCUSED…~The Jarhead Entrepreneur

  25. Tom Metcalf says:

    That Pantera shirt though 🤘

  26. I think it's so cool being able to watch you put things up for auction on whatnot and then being able to see you find those items and see where they came from

  27. Adam Howard says:

    Which one do you suggest is better? Vendoo or List Perfectly? I have 2650 items in my eBay store, thanks!!

  28. man I want a couple of those star wars – I can trade you some of my death pile 🙂

    only hitch is I am in Canada – I will send you some pics and I do have some good stuff !!

  29. Do you have a channel where the whatnot auctions are posted?

  30. MILABRRA says:


  31. GetDatPromo says:

    First guy ripped you off sooooo hard 😂😂😂

  32. I think that was the shortest flea market video you’ve ever posted. Great find from the second vendor. The first was too expensive for those shirts (good pass) Y’all are truly the definition of “treat others well and you will be rewarded” paying an additional $100 after you accepted his price.

  33. Omg I love the blockbuster one. I met my husband there when I was 19.

  34. MomD says:

    I ❤❤ Your Hustle Josh & Hayley ✔️💯✔️💯 LOOKING OUT FOR THE SELLER TOO ☮️

  35. Jason Smith says:

    Hi Hailey! hi Josh! Love your videos! I have a question if you don’t mind me asking. I’m a beginner reseller and was wondering when you sell something on eBay, is the shipping you charge part of the profit? Thx for your help and your awesome content keep up the great work!

  36. James Powell says:

    I thought a few videos back you guys mentioned you were stopping whatnot and focusing on eBay store

  37. The 'Subscribed' jingle was the highlight of my day!

  38. Jay Mo says:

    Man of God these darn autocorrect

  39. Jesssy Jesss says:

    That first guy was taxingggggg

  40. Cory Gottron says:

    signed gallagher shirt!

  41. Can't wait for both whatNot shows!!!

  42. What a killer deal!! Love these !!

  43. Ukay & Dice says:

    WoW throwing copper LIVE..

  44. You guys are amazing and such a great example of what is means to be a Christ follower! Truly the only one to be sure you do follow 😊God bless!

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