Which shaft to play in your wedges?

Don’t overlook the importance of custom fitting with your wedges. Mizuno senior engineer Chris Voshall gives some advice on loft gapping and shaft selection.


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  1. David Oakes says:

    Yep, I recently went back to a reg flex wedge shaft after thinking back to when i used to be a good and confident wedge player some 20 odd years ago. I used to have a std DG R300 shaft in some cheap progen gunmetal wedges and was sooo much better with them than anything i tried since with stiffer wedge shafts and spin wedge shafts and more recently the S400 tour wedge shafts that seem ubiquitous in off the peg retail wedges. So I bought a cheap budget no frills MacGregor 56 degree wedge with reg flex for £39 as an experiment and its made a big difference, especially with less than full shots, which is virtually every shot with a wedge. So i now have 3 x Cleveland RTX4 wedges with S400 shafts to sell.

  2. Mike Lee says:

    Really depends on the golfers starting point but I really like using x100 8iron shafts in all my wedges. For me it produces more spin w a slightly lower flight.

  3. Craig Edga4r says:

    Interesting – I have thought about this for my 50 and 54 but not my 58 and 62!!!!

  4. Stevie Boone says:

    X100 in your irons, S400 in your wedges. Done.

  5. Sodthong says:

    Brilliant advice…

  6. BADD1ONE says:

    Freaking very informative. Answered my question to a tee. Thank you so much.

  7. So if I have Nippon Modus 3 105 in stiff you opinion is to go with the same shafts in the wedges? It will not be to light?

  8. JWalk says:

    Interesting 🤔

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