Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges: Good Enough To STAY IN MY BAG?

I custom built at set of Callaway Jaws Raw wedges for myself with a price tag of $209 per club! Are these clubs worth the investment? My review will dive deep into all aspects of these Callaway wedges are whether or not they will stay in my bag.

Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges

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I’m Andrew Jensen, a former full time touring professional that played on PGA TOUR Canada, Latinoamerica and almost every North American based mini tour since 2008. I want to use my playing experience to inspire golfers to improve their own game and have more fun with this amazing game we play!


13 Replies to “Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges: Good Enough To STAY IN MY BAG?”

  1. Do you use Callaway wedges?

  2. CaneFan25 says:

    I currently have a callaway Mack daddy gap wedge and a Vokey sand wedge……both are Great!

  3. Hope you continue to trust these wedges and they become favorites of yours!

  4. Love the video! I was wondering if you find the raw wedges have durability problem with the raw face or you find the opposite that they stay sharp longer?

  5. Gary says:

    Great review as always! 🥃

  6. 209$ is way way way to much. Clubs are way overpriced avg good golfer wouldn’t notice the difference of a cheaper wedge

  7. CMBoydon says:

    Great review Andrew! Interesting results.

  8. callmecamo2 says:

    I've had Callaways, but Vokeys are my jam.

  9. Allen Wilson says:

    Currently play Mizzy wedges but have used tons of Cally over the years. Wedges have gotten ridiculous on cost…how much did the custom add to the cost?

  10. Those look amazing! Gonna have to check them out

  11. That matte black looks sick.

  12. Adam W says:

    Callaway wedges have always been beautiful, great to see such a good review on them. Glad they are working out for you, Andrew!

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