Looking for PROFIT at the Nike Store

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13 Replies to “Looking for PROFIT at the Nike Store”

  1. Love your hustle man! Inspiring👍

  2. Yosef Shaw. says:

    What do you use eBay to see what they will sell for before you before them from thrift store?

  3. Yosef Shaw. says:

    Will you do videos what shoes and sneakers sell? Do you only sell men or both women shoes and sneakers?

  4. how is this man not 100k plus already?!?!?! This is Youtube robbery

  5. When I move to Houston. I’m a be living in the Nike outlet.

  6. Colton says:

    This dude has terrible taste in shoes

  7. Nick Veccie says:

    Dope video as usual. Your channel is my #1 most watched right now. Keep it up 🔥

  8. A baby blue and yellow Plaid shirt would be nice too

  9. Those purple sacai blazers are 🔥🔥🔥 (Purple is also my favorite color)

  10. Gotta love the cliffhanger ugh smh

  11. nike outlets are all about getting there at open. most of the good shit is gone within the first 10 minutes

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