Can an 8 handicap golfer Break 80 at Macdonald Portal?

CAN AN 8 HANDICAP GOLFER BREAK 80? (Macdonald Portal Golf Resort)


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7 Replies to “Can an 8 handicap golfer Break 80 at Macdonald Portal?”

  1. Tom Gatter says:

    great golf, you need to leave your putts higher!

  2. MARK COOKE says:

    81 I think but hope for better

  3. perryn66 says:

    Super start, Rory. I’m thinking a nice little 78. Thanks for the great content.

  4. Obv…but you fail with 'handicap'.

  5. Chris Nash says:

    78 I reckon mate. It's a lovely track and the beer isn't too bad at the bar either

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