Golf World Records

World Records with Rory! Which was your favorite?
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“Feelin’ on Top of the World”
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44 Replies to “Golf World Records”

  1. I would love to see a video of them going through all of their world records, finding the ones they don’t currently hold anymore, and re-breaking them!

  2. Ryder Weigel says:

    How do they get the plaques so quick????

  3. Alan says:

    00:32 there was a spelling mistake of the WR it said "farthset" not farthest

  4. OK Shee$$ says:

    I'm a twelve year old and a track fanatic if you read this you should fly me out I bet I can beat every one of you in racing jumping and everything track

  5. The juggle and sink was unbelievable 🤯 let’s petition to change the rule to 8 juggles and get Ty that record!

  6. Can we all agree that Michael has practically become one with the team giving out all these world records

  7. My favorite person is Tyler

  8. Lunar Komet says:

    Team golf with a timed score sounds like something that should be a thing

  9. Lunar Komet says:

    Lions don't live in the jungle though

  10. MMXI says:

    Can you do a ghost hunting video?

  11. I love seeing the dudes get so excited!

  12. Blunderz says:

    Is it always just Tyler taking the lead? Like there’s 4 other dudes

  13. Lions do not live in jungles

  14. Z Xman says:

    Bryson or Kyle can beat that putter record just saying

  15. Brad Hammock says:

    Ty’s ohoopee shirt😏

  16. Pballinstar says:

    Y’all spelled his name wrong

  17. Logezzzzzbro says:

    Terrible music made me stop watching halfway through. =[

  18. Bryn Allred says:

    And what I mean by that is that my brother has a YouTube channel so 1 for him no offense dude perfect 😊

  19. Bryn Allred says:

    Dude perfect is the 2 best YouTuber for my opinion

  20. Awesome concert the panda monium or what ever I loved it one of the best days of my life

  21. Dude Perfect captivatingly excellently marvellous and superlatively majestic, here is support, enjoy the day

  22. glad ty brought back the gas station questions

  23. Ray Marsh says:

    I’m just gonna say borgemier is gonna crush that putter drive.. JS

  24. ROR ONE says:

    Dude perfect got passed by a Indian channel rip

  25. Well then I have the unofficial world record for the club throw and I’m cool with that.

  26. I’d love to see the behind the scenes

  27. manicy says:

    one day dude perfect is gonna shoot a trickshot off of the empire state

  28. Grimace 🎉 says:

    Only people who didn’t come from TikTok

  29. my team mate in the pga golf tour his name is Rory and we call him RORY MCILORY

  30. Cesar R says:

    Why does it feel like these records are fake ! They seem to easy

  31. Misfit Doge says:

    bro thats tragic with the bouncing it "10" times instead of 8 :/

  32. RoozerGaming says:

    Dude perfect did a different record from farther but congrats!

  33. im waiting for the disc golf battle. come on guys.

  34. Mr Quackers says:

    Can you make more youtube shorts, please

  35. X-Celsius says:

    This is why I'm a purple hoser! Great job makin those putts, Gar! Purple Hoser Nation baby!!

  36. I’m coming to your show

  37. Day 6 of asking that in the next get crafty who can build the best book shelf or coffee mug

  38. Paras Mishra says:

    I can’t wait to tell anyone and everyone on what a bunch of scammers you guys are.

  39. ctmullen says:

    No way this guy just hit my average drive with a putter

  40. Wow, that was an amazing animation. That's all I can say.

  41. Quinn Walsh says:

    Courtesy comment because I know your channel is slowly dying

  42. Just saying they broke every rule In golf

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