Can Hunter Keep His Momentum? | Disc Golf Break 68 Challenge

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Hunter heads back to New London to see if he can shoot under par!
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25 Replies to “Can Hunter Keep His Momentum? | Disc Golf Break 68 Challenge”

  1. Use code FOUNDATION40 to get 40% off your first Factor box at!

  2. eXo1986 says:

    My time isn't wasted Hunter. Keep going and smash the 68 👊💪

  3. BagelEater says:

    Listen @foundation Disc Golf , moreso Hunter, I hope you never win this series because it is my favorite series you guys have ever done, I get so excited to see these and enjoy every minute. I think after you break 68 you should get the other guys to try to do it.

  4. Kyle Koch says:

    A Hunter and 20 feet 🔥

  5. Caleb Foshee says:

    I absolutely love the series guys. Keep the good content coming. And it’s not a waste of time!!!

  6. “If you’re seeing this, thank the lord”

  7. John G Drums says:

    Hunter, yes being silly at the end. Take the positives. Lots of sick shots, some good putts, lack of commitment on some shots once you lost motivation. Now send me some free stuff for the mental coaching. Lol

  8. THeUNit says:

    Whose else watches this challenge and instantly feels better about themselves lol

  9. What orange putter is Hunter using?!

  10. If that putting gets on fire! I think you are going to be close! And you are not wasting anybody's time. You are making interesting content by testing yourself!!

  11. You did not waste anybody's time! Every shot is a solo shot. Forget the last one, don't think about the next one. Really fun to watch you play a round and go through the ups and downs with you. Keep your head up and practice that mental toughness! You're killing it out there. Loved watching this!

  12. So I am in my final year at UNCC and I took your challenge and decided to make my own for Nevin Shorts and set the goal for E before I leave and I just hit my goal! Def cheering for you every single vid!!

  13. Tom says:

    Hunter you got this! You have potential to succeed more than you think. Two biggest problems that you have to work with are:
    1) Less talk – more focus — take more quiet time before every shot and talk less throuout round. Take small recaps after every hole – dont comment during a hole play
    2) Mental weakness – you give up way too early and every missing shot – find something good in every shot even if its bad as hell.

    Good luck man!

  14. Toney says:

    18:40 – "c'mooon" 😂😂

  15. Florian says:

    Hole 1 – better use a KOI, you could lay up more aggressively

  16. Its not a waste of time at all, but maybe saying it is to your viewers isnt a great idea😂

  17. jwmacr says:

    Enjoy your content, but could you make a second channel with the same uploads minus any of Konner talking. Would love that channel.

  18. Rachel W says:

    BIRDIE ON 4!!!!!!!!

  19. Someone either said balls to the wall, or hunter watched a show where someone said that, cuz he's been saying a lot recently

  20. Steve Falco says:

    Bro, we watched you miserably fail at breaking 100 in golf and loved every minute of it. You’re not wasting our time haha. Also, golf challenge needs to come back after this.

  21. Alex Hampton says:

    Hunter, why you gotta give up on the course sometimes? Really off putting attitude not to mention it ruins the momentum of a video. Makes the viewer feel like they wasted their time watching your videos when you do that. Must be real fun to play with when the game starts getting tough.

  22. Brian Hunt says:

    18:40 took me off guard, "cOmE oN"… some one clip that hahaha

  23. mfg8tor says:

    You waste my time when you give up. Maybe you don't shoot your goal, but it's still an opportunity to practice the remaining holes and be more confident on those the next round. Get it!

  24. Jason B says:

    Hole #1 "I'm going to try to replicate"…. Hole #4 We gotta push the gas a little more!

  25. Daniel Hicks says:

    Keep going for it Hunter. Love watching anything yall do out on that course since I play it often as well

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