Can my gf beat me on a 450 yard par 4 if she starts on the green? #golf #shorts

20 Replies to “Can my gf beat me on a 450 yard par 4 if she starts on the green? #golf #shorts”

  1. PipSqweak says:

    6.7k to like the vid

  2. A V says:

    Nobody cares preppy

  3. Beaux Pfeil says:

    Can you see the hole when he's putting if not like this comment

  4. Tony S says:

    Bro u can identify as a female and win the lpga tour

  5. Jim Lahey says:

    This just proves one thing. Butterface can’t putt

  6. Vincenzo D says:

    Is your gf single ?

  7. doggin6 says:

    She looks like she’s 7 years old.

  8. He’s decieving all of u lol he’s not good he just does this for views and Everton e gives in as usual

  9. Tiger woods would smoke u buddy ur nkt good quit

  10. Cdog says:

    He should join Good Good fr

  11. Josh Pierce says:

    I hope to God you record your whole hole, then her whole putting then edit them together. If not, I bet golfers behind you hate you lol

  12. Steve W says:

    She sneaky bad

  13. Sofiane Mtir says:

    I love tour swing. Really. 👌🏽🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

  14. Dylan James says:

    No one touches the Poooooooooop Krooooooooop

  15. Kakashi says:

    A foot away and it's not a gimmie🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Kiya Jafari says:

    I putt just like her too when I play from the tees

  17. Kevin Hella says:

    Buddy said good par to himself

  18. Drew Morgan says:

    Who gives a fck
    I mean really.

  19. Tyler Turpin says:

    Stop flexing on everyone mr im good at golf and i have a girlfriend

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