Can Saints Afford To Keep Jake Haener? | NFL QB Rule Change

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Matt Moscona breaks down the camp for Saints rookie QB Jake Haener as he continues to turn heads and make his case to make the 53-man roster.


27 Replies to “Can Saints Afford To Keep Jake Haener? | NFL QB Rule Change”

  1. trade jameis back to tampa…

  2. SK Simmons says:

    Cutting a reliable backup for a rookie is big risk. Need to see if he can play in preseason. I remember the same hype about Ian Book in camp every year. See how that worked out.

  3. Shaun Landry says:

    I’d move on from Winston and make Haener the backup. Learn by doing. Winston is gonna end somewhere else before the start of season.

  4. Tadamolan says:

    If Haener plays well during preseason like a vet, I would release Jameis Winston.

  5. Mike M says:

    Let this Kid go and it will be the mistake of a lifetime hes Derrick Carr 2.0

  6. Let the preseason play out and we’ll see!

  7. B.Allen says:

    Jake will be a Saint for a long time. He has the talent. Saints gotva steal when they drafted him

  8. jaybo219 says:

    Thanks for the clarification. This whole time I thought the NFL were allowing an extra roster spot for an emergency QB.

  9. Let him play every preseason game. That is what I need to see. Just him as QB. The other 2 we know what they can do plus we know Carr is the starter.

  10. Nugg Dog says:

    It’s easy to solve this get rid of Jameis Winston, Keith, Jake Haener is the number two quarterback and then there’s no problem. Some of the shit you say so stupid

  11. Winston might be a hot if others teams injuries get in the way

  12. I hope this is rhetorical. Of course he should be kept.

  13. bryan irvin says:

    Yes keep him let's see how well he can do in the preseason if dennis select him coming

  14. C. Hardy says:

    We don’t have room for him. No way he plays over Winston. Still have Carr and Hill

  15. Ryan Stevens says:

    What a problem to have!!! Go Jake!!!!

  16. He’s not good you guys over hyping him is he goes up against the 1st team defense he will fold

  17. Jack Wade IV says:

    Why do you have those stupid Bud Light bottles on your desk?

  18. Why is this even a topic? He’s not going anywhere

  19. Thanos Bison says:

    We are going to keep him especially after the last 2 seasons

  20. David Ely says:

    One way to manage the salary cap is to make use of … economical … rookie players with cheap rookie contracts. Veterans tend to price themselves off the team. See Ezekiel Elliot. Russell Wilson took his starting job by beating out the new signing of a veteran QB. I had high hopes for Winston … but I'd rather see Carr get the chance to repeat the path Brees took and Haener get a chance to repeat the path Wilson took than cast off Haener and hold on to Winston for one more season on the bench only to watch him walk away next year. Haener helps the salary cap. Winston doesn't.

  21. me jones says:

    gotta keep zoolander lol

  22. T. SCOTT says:

    Let the man play a Snap first. You dont know what you got until he play. Lets go through preseason and see where he stands. People saying cutting Winston is crazy.

  23. Jerry G. says:

    Winston staying.

  24. Gage Long says:

    You have to find a way to keep this kid.

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