Can the Golf Mates BREAK the Course RECORD #1

Can The Golfmates Golfers BREAK a course record working together??? We are playing at the amazing Bentham Golf Club where 2 time DP World tour winner Daniel Gavins set the course record at 5 under gross! We are laying texas scramble golf to see if we can break this record! CAN WE DO IT?? comment below! This video took us 4 days to film and edit we would really appreciate you either showing love with a like and a comment or hitting subscribe if you haven’t already! ❤️


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40 Replies to “Can the Golf Mates BREAK the Course RECORD #1”

  1. Ian McMillan says:

    Love it, see you in Oz soon.
    And we could have some Ashes matches.

  2. Andew Lea says:

    Great video great play and team work so cl9se great effort , and yes let's have some more , keep safe and well golfmates

  3. Great to see you working as a team 👌

  4. Chris Baker says:

    Like watching last of the summer wine that! I'd like to see you try it again with Dan there to put the pressure on too.

  5. Ian McMillan says:

    Great read from Edward, Lucky you deputised him 😂

  6. Ian McMillan says:

    As usual, commenting as I watch. Good on you bringing a local lad along for the ride, he'll remember this for a lifetime. Big shout out to Edward, handling the cameras and the Mates stars. 10 YO and off 18, think we'll see more of him on the channel.

  7. Brilliant 🤩 video

  8. Ian McMillan says:

    The way your playing I think you will.

  9. Simon Ellis says:

    The boys are back in town. Great format love it. Those views from the course are just stunning

  10. Wayne Sykes says:

    Great video. Love playing bentham is one of my favourite courses.

  11. Ryan Sweeney says:

    Ebay is shocking. 130 7iron lol

  12. Robin Yap says:

    Great game everyone. Loving eBay Pete's "game-face" after every good shot. He's on it.

  13. Well I never thought I would say this but I felt sorry for Mr Barlow he could not tell the difference between a push and a pull put and he doesn't get any carry on his drives it's a great format Letts have more please CHEERS

  14. wareidav says:

    Effing hilarious… Beautiful course but you need to be some type of mountain goat to play it well, or you will be blowing out of your backside. Up hill and down dale is Bentham golf course. Love this format and it`s great to have the boys back together on camera. The banter is just off the scale. Thank you

  15. You guys play so well when you play together as a team!

  16. Kevin A says:

    Nice round boys. Missed Barlow, great to see him again!

  17. Liam I’m giving this video 9.4 , good on ya for taking the lad around , he never stopped smiling, awesome stuff .

  18. What’s with the background music? I thought I was going mad. 😂

  19. Ya’ll need to do this kinda format in SCOTLAND!!! Cheers from across the pond!

  20. Great video and format on a tricky course, but with the assistance of young Edward an excellent future star in the making. Well done team.

  21. J B says:

    Shocking read at 1:07:57 from a winning European Tour Caddie 😉😉

  22. James Blood says:

    Great video Liam. Absolutely love the format. Need to add Edward to your scramble team!

  23. ukgroucho says:

    Love the format! Gonna try to persuade my golfing buddy to do this on Friday. Bit of a long episode so I'll come back tomorrow and finish it! Thanks team Golfmates!

  24. Excellent. Really enjoyed that. You must release mr Barlows wedding speech 😂

  25. John Baldwin says:

    Always great to see a full 18 played, especially at the wonderful Bentham. Some good driving from Liam, good putting from Steve, and good mid range from Thunderbirds…well done to the new up coming star Edward…Brilliant!😎

  26. Ciaran Keady says:

    The band is back together boooyaaaa

  27. Is there any point in Pete and Steve teeing off on anything other than par 3s

  28. Great attempt lads and Liam give Edward a game sometime what a nice lad

  29. Pike Hills GC is waiting for you guys, you will need to bring your A game, a great series 😇⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️

  30. Great format, 18 holes is fantastic viewing 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  31. September 2023 ???
    Great freedom play. !!

  32. Tom Lee says:

    I liked this format and it was good to see you all contributing. Great to see young Edward too, who will probably be the best golfer of the lot…

  33. dave walton says:

    Lads what’s happening with the camera work it’s all over the place

  34. Colin Varney says:

    Pete. Line your feet up for your putting. You've putted on your feet line every time. Great video again 👏 👍

  35. Nicola Allen says:

    Thank lads, great to watch. I do enjoy the 18 holes. It was lovely that you invited Edward to join you…well done lads. Liam you are hitting the ball great lately. Your channel and your family of golfers are a 'breath of fresh air'

  36. Brilliant video Liam Mr Barlow and Ebay Pete Edward wot a nice lad 🏌🏌🏌🏌🏌⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️

  37. Love the way i could cick on the info icon & it did it. Liked!

  38. Nigel Lord says:

    Great video , great content , big up to you involving the young lad , best comment of the day from Liam “ if that had gone in we would of had a whisky and you could of had a Horlicks “ what a gem lol

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