The Low Point / Point 0 – how this information can solve most of your problems

There are so many things you can use your thoughts for in your golf swing but in my opinion the three most important things:

1. Clubface is KING
2. Your Low Point
3. Your Rhythm

No swingplane, no positions etc can help you so much improving your game as those three things.
In this video I ll explain the “Low Point” also called “Point Zero”.

What the Low Point is and how it can help you to turn your ball striking around completely, you can watch right here!

Have fun watching and learning!

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22 Replies to “The Low Point / Point 0 – how this information can solve most of your problems”

  1. John Kelly says:

    My game was improving, though still with inconsistencies. As soon as I tried to 'adjust' something, it fell apart. Yesterday was my 'low point'! Terrible, hacking, clueless round. Watched Martina on how to make the turn last night and this morning on low point. It's the first time a golf video completely clicked with me!! Nailing the fundamentals, creating the foundation for my (future) game. Thanks!

  2. Arthur Woods says:

    Agree with first comment. I played using this info and was surprised how well my consistency and power improved!

  3. Jason says:

    She got a little lost when she mentioned the stance and then recovered well. Stance shouldn’t effect low point too much if you stay centered. Ball position in relationship to you feet will change, but it should remain constant related to the shoulder. The driver is different because the angle of attack changes. Hitting down vs up.

  4. After watching hundreds of golfing videos, this one made something click in my brain. At the range today I have never hit it so well. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much.

  6. Alan Young says:

    Very well explained, and useful to most golfers, thanks

  7. Paul Leather says:

    Most of the shots I hit are tragic

  8. I randomly came across your channel and this is the first time i have seen this explained so simply and so well! I look forward to going through your other videos. Will you make a video on how to initiate the downswing so the trail arm goes down and not out? Im trying this advice tomorrow at the range. Thanks!

  9. Brilliant lesson 👏

  10. David Kramer says:

    I've watched two of your videos, and you've explained things better than a hundred others I've watched! I'm in! Keep up the good work.

  11. Mike Rodrick says:

    The exact reason for single length clubs. Ball position & low point issues gone.

  12. Sean Coxe says:

    Great video, Martina! I used to have a Nick Faldo video from the 90's on the full swing. At one point, he offhandedly said, "The lead shoulder, of course, must come up on the follow-through." It seemed like a throwaway line, and he never expanded on why this was so. However, I followed his advice and improved my ball-striking right away. Thanks to you, I now know why.

  13. Ben Jonson says:

    Nice demonstration.

  14. Sweet eight iron. Perfect sound.

  15. Johnny Lang says:

    Thanks appreciate it

  16. j1166240 says:

    Excellent demonstration and explanation for low point and how to manage it during the swing!! First video I have seen of yours and very impressed. I subbed and will be going through your other videos. Thanks, Jeff

  17. John Greco says:

    Martina, Thank you for another great video. Your explanations are so easy to understand and to implement.

  18. kurzhaarguy says:

    sehr gut erklärt. It now makes sense why the foreswing feels correct when my chest is pointing upward after contact. Vielen Dank, junge Profi!

  19. sim250 says:

    My low point is when i leave the course after a terrible round.

  20. Hacker 100 says:

    My low point in under my lead shoulder IF I hold the club with only the lead hand. Once I put two hands on the club my low point is more towards the center of my stance. Then we have the dynamic low point. Where is it when you swing? I think Tom Watson has it with his practice swing from whatever lie he has, notice where the club scuffs the ground and then orient his address and ball position to that. Just suggesting.

  21. Eric says:

    Great explanation. I am working on this. 64 years old & shot a 78 yesterday.

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