Can the PGA CHAMPION Break Par at Nick Faldo’s Golf Course?

Today we are at Chart Hills Golf Club doing a Break Par in the Battle of the Brothers.


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20 Replies to “Can the PGA CHAMPION Break Par at Nick Faldo’s Golf Course?”

  1. Another great course. Lovely to see you 2 playing… brotherly competitiveness. That putter is working for Paul

  2. Neil Gardner says:

    The RBZ 5 wood is back…old ones never stay away for long

  3. Peter Foale says:

    Perhaps Pauls new Nick name should be Elmer Fudd – that pesky wabbit 😅😂

  4. Grant Tanner says:

    Paul’s always got a new putter but you would have thought he had grown out of a rattle by now😂

  5. S P says:

    Paul very salty after Dan’s well placed tee ball on the first.

  6. ToeKnee78 says:

    the cramp is caused by constantly wearing grandpa trousers i believe.

  7. Joe Cook says:

    My brother and I are many years apart and don’t see eye to eye I guess, so it’s a real treat for me to watch you two brothers enjoying the same wonderful game competing with each other and caring about each other at the same time, thanks Dan and Paul!

  8. I remember seeing adverts for that when it first opened in Golf Monthly when I was a kid. Looked amazing.

  9. Jack Field says:

    Love the course, can’t believe with the amount of money that has been spent on it of late that the tee boxes still look sketchy.

    Nothing sketchy about the golf and the banter.
    Love this pairing

  10. Chris Taylor says:

    Depends on the size of your “rake” 🤣

  11. Liam Thomas says:

    “A fist pump. Crikey” 😂

  12. Paul is like a dog with a bone. He wouldn't let bunker gate go. I think you beating him at tennis when you were kids was when his competitive streak started. He's got a lot to thank you for Dan.

  13. Don`t worry about comments regarding click bate. You`re not here to not get clicks, it`s literally paying your wage…. clikc bate the heck out of it mate !

  14. jeff bates says:

    Dan having cramps can be due to dehydration or a low potassium level.

  15. For Paul & his dehydration issues, here is what I use in the gym : 400ml water (add ice cubes to top up to 500ml total fluid) / 4 tablespoons Lemon Juice/good pinch of salt/half teaspoon of honey as natural sweetener –

  16. David Parry says:

    Two impressive pars on the 7th. hole. Amazing that is only rated S.I. 14!

  17. Great golf and great video!

  18. tom yule says:

    Cheers boys, usual quality golf.

  19. John Willis says:

    Paul is exactly correct, cramp is caused by lack of hydration and salts.

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