Where's my game at? | 18 Holes at Bush Hill Park Golf Course

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30 Replies to “Where's my game at? | 18 Holes at Bush Hill Park Golf Course”

  1. Ryan Davies says:

    Was a big fan of you until it was revealed you're a homewrecker. At the end of the day just another fame and money hungry influencer shill. Sad.

  2. Would love a series where you actually submit your scores to see what your official handicap would be.

  3. BasJon says:

    Nice to see this course again Mia, a shame for our lovely british weather, I look forward to seeing your next upload.

  4. Wazeroonie says:

    Unfortunately for people who are not members of golf clubs and who play on their own, they can’t really obtain an official handicap. iGolf is there for non members of golf clubs, but their scores have to be marked by someone who holds a valid membership number (i.e. a club member or an iGolf subscriber).
    I just average my last 5 rounds every few months to give me a general handicap to see how my game is going.

  5. Tom Nook says:

    16 over, not bad

  6. Are you going to do a video with Ollie?

  7. Sean Whitney says:

    "Toot your own horn" 😅😊.

  8. Brian Beck says:

    You should not have gone under a tree during a lighting storm not safe

  9. Oliver Riley says:

    Would be great to see this as a series to get your official handicap!

  10. Chris Pearce says:

    Mia, thanx for sharing. The energy was most excellent.

  11. Mark Honey says:

    I agree, more guys should play off the reds, but it's not going to happen. We should have tees like in the states where they are more for your handicap, rather than white, yellow and red for the ladies.

  12. ssnapier says:

    Mia, please, please, please get away from the trees in a thunderstorm! That is a serious safety issue.

  13. B Mur says:

    Let’s see if you read the comments, as a few people have stated you had a 5 on 5, not a 4. Just saying! 👍😜

  14. MrSlash00r says:

    Your attitude and positivity are intoxicating – what a breath of fresh air. Enjoying the content, Mia!

  15. Craig Hancox says:

    Keep going Mia, love the positivity and enthusiasm you bring to the game of golf,

  16. Hole Hau says:

    Pitch shots were good.

    Btw, #5 should be a double bogey

  17. Jim says:

    Love your energy and positivity in your videos. Joy to watch!! Bush Hill added the wish list 🙏🏼

  18. Paul Hiakita says:

    Shame about the rain. You definitely would of had a better score. Your improving all the time Mia. Love your attitude while you're playing. A ray of sunshine. Keep going Mia you'll only get better.

  19. Brian O'S says:

    Good show Mia. I'd say you are a 12 handicap at the moment with potential get down to 8 with better course management and less boo boos!

  20. Homer Bob says:

    What hc is she when playing this?

  21. Link505 says:

    Don’t forget to pick up your litter you dropped on the last hole 😂

  22. Steve- O says:

    Love the positive spring on everything❤ should try the hybrid instead of the 7 wood out of that tall grass might work better.

  23. Quinn Ann says:

    Good game mia❤

  24. TIM ABRANTES says:

    Nice course!! Next time try gripping down on 7 wood (I prefer a 7-iron). Ball in the back of your stance, and apply more of a putting stroke to keep the ball low and let it run up!!

  25. dufferjuice says:

    That was a lot of fun! You pretty much play the same game as I do… accept with less swearing and more cuteness. Thanks Mia!

  26. marque2127 says:

    That is a pretty good looking score card. The only big number was the triple. Great punch out on hole 15. I have a lot of experience in that area since I find my drives under trees quite often. Depending on the situation, I will punch with a 7, long iron, hybrids/woods, or even driver. That is a handy technique to have.

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