Can we Break Par Or 100 at this Tour Venue?

Headfort Golf Club Front 9 – Break Par Series

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35 Replies to “Can we Break Par Or 100 at this Tour Venue?”

  1. Jamie Mcewan says:

    Watch all your vids pal can’t understand why your not at 100 k subs yet, from someone who’s watches all you tubers I reckon you and crossfeld course vlog again, he’s gone quiet and your vlogs are good. Love see you v cross field one more time, if not him you v Bullard

  2. Great video Dan, note you're using RBZ 5 wood again though

  3. Andrew Peak says:

    Hi Dan great content as always. Just wanting to congratulate both James and Paul on their recent results – simply awesome. Hope you start finding your best again soon!

  4. Mark. D says:

    Well done nice video. Looks a nice but tough track.

  5. Liam says:

    Best videos with Lee

  6. Hi Dan, I'm quite new to the channel. What Handicap is this guy Lee you play with. I'm guessing 18-20?

  7. Cracking drone footage Dan. 👌👌

  8. Mark Hilton says:

    Love seeing other parts of the course when lee plays that we wouldn’t normally see on a vlog ( would if I played the course)

  9. I think this shows a good lesson. Playing to the middle of the green works well for most but for the aggressive player like Lee, it could make it difficult. It takes him too much out of his natural thought process

  10. David Parry says:

    Lee is always a welcome participant in DHG vlogs and always seems to cope well with adversity on the course.

  11. Nick Hough says:

    I think Lee will be calling this place Headf*#@ by the time he’s finished!!

  12. johntokn says:

    Watching Lee can give me nightmares but there's a golfer in there.

  13. Adam Hall says:

    Great looking course, enjoyed the vlog!

  14. Ahhh back to grass roots Vlogs Dan? Good choice, am pleased to see the team back together, and yes I am still here. Thumbs up👍

  15. Brian Murray says:

    Dan "middle of the greens_
    Lee " got it middle of the trees & ponds"😂

  16. Interesting about Lee saying panicking etc. exactly what I do sadly.

  17. Love headfort!great wee village too!

  18. Gary Davis says:

    Lee’s game and mine are similar (-100yds). The ability to hit nice shots is demonstrated, but one bad shot leads to another.

  19. Great looking course. A real challenge. I appreciate the mini lessons during the round. Very helpful Dan.

  20. Another great video. Nice to see Lee playing the last few holes so well.

  21. Tyler Love says:

    Really enjoying this course! Not sure you’ve ever played one I didn’t think was nice, but this one just makes me happy to look at! Dan maybe you should give your wedges names, so you forget you’re hitting a wedge?! Lee seems to have settled in now. Can’t wait for the back nine!

  22. My home course, and it can just gobble you up when your tee shots are out of position… 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  23. Brad Lambert says:

    That is a beautiful looking course on the one hand, but with some bite to it if you end in the wrong spots. Good entertainment, guys and looking forward to part two.

  24. I wanted to say I really enjoyed the shoe fitting yesterday. I need to get fit. Great video, sir.

  25. Craig says:

    Very enjoyable gentlemen, tough looking course. Since we have just had our new Open Champion dishing out a demonstration of consistency and accuracy, I wonder if I could point something out…wouldn’t it be a good idea for most of us to have one old trusty in the bag? One that we can knock down the fairway blindfolded 🤷‍♂️
    I think our Open Champion has demonstrated that accuracy over distance wins, particularly on courses like that where the penalty for missing the fairway is so penal.

  26. Curt Chaffee says:

    Idyllic setting for that course. Beautiful! A real treat to witness. Thanks, Dan!

  27. Peter Smith says:

    Thanks for showing us a beautiful course, if perhaps more than you wanted to on a couple of holes. Back nine predictions. Dan -2, Lee level. Good fun as always.

  28. Aidan Place says:

    Headfort is such a great course. Did you stay at the Headfort Arms, great craic, good Guinness

  29. Interesting front 9. Score a bit harsh on Lee.
    Looks a great track.
    Bring on the back 9

  30. ERIC HINDS says:

    Played it couple of month's ago, great course, other course is very good as well!!

  31. jason wilson says:

    Can't see the link for the free tickets??

  32. Great looking course

  33. Well done lads, stick with it Lee, maybe take that ping back in play

  34. Raja Boes says:

    Seems like a quirky course!

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