Why You're NOT IMPROVING At Archery

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00:00 Intro
1:18 Knowledge gap
1:54 Draw weight test
2:40 Aiming and target panic
3:06 Command vs surprise release
4:06 Sports psychology
5:05 Feel vs real “tiger woods”
5:46 My shot sequence
8:07 The hover drill
9:30 Blind release drill
10:56 Shot thoughts
11:53 Nerves and anxiety
13:06 Practice focusing
13:49 Physical stress
14:10 Mental stress
14:52 Motivational speech


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40 Replies to “Why You're NOT IMPROVING At Archery”

  1. Such An honor – thanks for watching!

  2. Anthony W says:

    Thank you. This is all very helpful.

  3. UncleJoe says:

    Do pushups while shooting in between shots really helps

  4. Tim Gilmore says:

    Awesome video, thanks!

  5. gotnokittys says:

    Interesting video. I learned to isolate aiming from release in this way, 50 years ago. This is for finger release: draw, hold your aim, then at a moment of stillness, just allow the bow to take the arrow. Don't move, no tension. Just Relax! Just your fingers, allow the bow to have the arrow. Dont move. It works well, and is easy to learn.

  6. VSci says:

    Hey Kramer. I've started watching your channel since recently getting back into bow building. I have (collectively) about 5 years of experience and about 10 bows and I've never ran into this problem yet.

    I'm making an osage bow with some big recurves and deflex. I'm tillering the bow and the weirdest thing is happening. My thinner (bottom) limb is very straight and not nearly as arced as my upper limb which is thicker.

    The bottom limb has a rather large knot just outside the riser which I thought I had thinned sufficiently to bend. I hesitate to further tiller the limb because overall it is quite a bit thinner than the other one. Suggestions? Anyone?

  7. Richard Dunn says:

    Lot of useful information thanks and its tougher on me because i use 2 finger split finger it feels weird doing 3 finger in any form

  8. I've got to stop watching your vids. Every time I do, I find a reason to buy more stuff from your store. Great glove, by the way, very comfortable, and damn durable.

  9. Ian Avilez says:

    This was a really great video. As someone new to the sport of Archery, this has such great motivational energy that helps me find new ways to grow and train. Thanks for the effort you put in to your explanations! It shows that these are not easy concepts to convey, but the way you break it down helped me both understand things like "what does a release feel like" and how I can really start to learn for myself next time I go to the range. Keep up the great videos! It's really cool to enter into a sport where there is so much positivity and support for newcomers. 🙂

  10. Marc Tull says:

    Kramer – any interest in doing a video w/ Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear? Let me know and I’ll set up a meeting.

  11. mtnsloper55 says:

    This was my experience some years ago trying to defeat the panic. I said, this time I will aim and count to three before I release. I would only get to two, panic shot. Thanks for the lesson Kramer, will try it again letting down the bow without shooting.

  12. Archery Geek says:

    you are a rock star! this is great!

  13. Larry Adams says:

    Hey my friend. I was trained this very same method when I was in the army rangers hey this Larry Adams I just bought one of your bones bows it's on its way I'm supposed to get it today like I said before tea and some of the other text God bless you your family and all your staff and I have the same afflictions that you do the exact anxiety speaking in public being yeah all that same stuff is in all of this I think but being taught like I was when I was in the rangers for as long as I was it makes you get to a point where you can disconnect from all those feelings… I got my elk bear tags for Eastern Oregon… I'll send you a whole bunch of photos and if I can figure out how to use a GoPro maybe some video to.

  14. Blake Umthun says:

    Target panic and how to fix it is such a difficult topic to clearly explain, but I thought you did a great job!! I had been binge watching any and everything Joel Turner a couple months ago and it took me to nearly the exact process you're going through. Once a person develops "the mind is connected to the trigger and not the target" mentality and "focus", the game radically changes for the better. And it directly relates to compound, rifles, handguns and life.

  15. But perhaps do not run towards a target with arrows in there. Ouch eyes…

  16. Walthanar says:

    the things you say about the release being connected to the aiming process resonates with me exactly

  17. HansimGlück says:

    I guess thats what I am struggling with all the time. My bows are still too heavy although I climb down the ladder of poundage now and than. At first it feels better but when I am honest to myself 35 lbs are still too heavy. And that leads to early release, somewhat plucking the string, getting stressed by feeling no control, having no confidence to hit. The only way to shoot a little more consistent is to shoot without aiming at all, just with a backstop. This way I try to build up strength and I try to focus on my form. Only by that I even noticed that the bow is still too heavy for consistent shooting for my body and that my mind is trying to close this gap by doing all kind of things that again have a bad effect on my body form. I never thought that archery is this complex. If I ever shoot one arrow that hits and I feel that it was not just by chance I will be lucky.

  18. Thanks for the great tips, I am definitely going to implement them into my next shooting session!! 👍🏻

  19. What do you believe are the advantages/disadvantages of shooting three fingers under the nock vs two below & one above? I've tried several times to shoot three fingers under and just can't get good arrow grouping and end up going back.

  20. I’ve been saving up to get my first bow, and I saw your video on the Black Hunter longbow! However, I’m not sure what spine to get for arrows. I am buying a 35lb bow i believe my draw length is somewhere between 29-31 inches. What would be the best length and spine for arrows?

  21. SrStinnkyTV says:

    I can’t but to notice that you tilt your head…I believe that’s not very good for anchoring.

  22. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🫡 🙏🏼

  23. Always enjoy your videos.

  24. Kurtdog says:

    Something that improved my accuracy was how I changed how I held or "gripped" the bow. For years they used to teach an open hand grip on the bow, but I learned, thru some self defense training, that your muscles in your arm, in this case, your bow arm, work and react differently to tension release when your hand is closed than when it is open. Howard Hill also used this closed grip. If you lightly grip the bow with a closed hand, it can greatly reduce the tendency for your bow arm muscles to react or flinch when the string is released. Don't squeeze the bow, just lightly grip it and take some shots and you will see what I mean. There is not way to describe it, other than experiment with it to see if it "feels" different and if it seems to improve your shooting. It did mine, good luck.

  25. Yatahey Billigonna!
    Focus Mind, Body & Spirit,
    like a Native American Warrior Bower.

  26. mark burban says:

    ''feel & real'' = ''romantic vs classic'' philosophy (as i learnt in the book ''zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance''.. something i've been thinking about for a while now when it comes to improving archery & addressing my own target panic issues. 🙂

    Great content! super helpful video!

  27. Sadcat4925 says:

    Could you make a Penobscot bow

  28. Great video Kramer. I believe I'll watch this video a couple more times (I've downloaded it) and give it a try Saturday and I think you know with what bow. You guys have fun and be safe.

  29. CamelCase says:

    I freeze above the target.

  30. Marc l'Ours says:

    Real. True. Thanks.

  31. Press Like first, watch after. Because all your videos are fun, engaging, and most importantly, helpful to watch to learn more about archery!

  32. Wow, I've seen an awful lot of archery vids… this is the best . Thank you

  33. Great video even if u dint have panic

  34. What a great video. It started out talking about archery form, then by the end of the video, I'm walking away with a life lesson. More videos need to be like this!

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