Can we Play the PERFECT ROUND of Golf: DAY 4

Today is Day #4. Same mission as always.

Leave a comment and let us know what day you think we’ll complete the challenge…

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26 Replies to “Can we Play the PERFECT ROUND of Golf: DAY 4”

  1. Just getting into golf and must say you two are so much fun

  2. ChHook says:

    Jake set you up for failure on that read!⛳️ Wants to hit the winning putt on #9⛳️ I’d keep an 👁️ out for him!⛳️ All The Best!😊

  3. Todd Smith says:

    Loving the new challenge boys!

  4. Team Jake bounce back

  5. You should get to revive someone who is eliminated with a birdie or better. Look forward to watching you guys every night. Nice to see a couple of fellow Connecticut golfer like myself.

  6. BrentCorbett says:

    I'm gonna guess 40days! 😂

  7. bro… in in 2.. out in 3..hitting 4… he could of still dropped and chipped in for par on the first hole lol common boys!!!

  8. Aidan Surcon says:

    My guess is it’ll take to day 35. I think by the time you hit that disco will be consistently puring balls

  9. Ace42 B says:

    Ever play in Ohio?

  10. Jake needs to punch out on those shots with water in play. Not even try to hit the green just stay alive and trust Ryan’s shot

  11. C.or.y says:

    I'm moving this series. The only problem is that I essentially know the outcome before the video when I see how long the video is. If it's not at least 15 minutes I know there's no way you completed. But im still having fun watching, this was a good idea!

  12. Boys were lookin a lil extra dripped it today

  13. Perfect round of golf day 41 will be the day

  14. CJ Bolton says:

    Y'all will get this in a couple years I'm sure of it

  15. I think you will get it on day 26

  16. math3golf says:

    This series is so much fun! Bummer not to see Path in action at all today but well done by Ryan to get two pars solo!

    Two ideas:
    1. You guys should have Ryan go first on full swings – if he hits the fairway or green, then don’t even have Jake hit. Less risk that way!
    2. Also would be cool to have each video be a standard length (say 30 min) with just blank screen after the challenge ends – that way it wouldn’t be obvious to viewers when the challenge is about to end.

  17. etuss80 says:

    What course are you guys playing?

  18. Ryan Chittum says:

    Good effort boys. Jake might need to watch a few more caddie training videos 😂 agreed let’s get this done in less than it took to break par

  19. Series would go longer if the perfect round involved no maintenance guys during the round.

  20. I think you guys will get it on day 17 🦾

  21. 20cardmg says:

    How can we tell if the crunches are working?…show us the abs hah

  22. Lyle's Files says:

    What I look forward to every day

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