Can we Play the PERFECT ROUND of Golf: DAY 5

We’re back for DAY 5. After a few tough days on the links, the boys are looking to finally complete the challenge today!

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24 Replies to “Can we Play the PERFECT ROUND of Golf: DAY 5”

  1. Calling 21 days of this challenge

  2. Ace42 B says:

    Getting better. Give yourselves one mulligan a piece for the 9 holes. 9 hole par with 2 players is tough with average players. I am cheering for you. You two can do it. And your drive was on path that round. You were holding the line hitting up on it, and that is where the draw came from. Prior videos, your swing path was out and coming from inside to out, creating a slice and other bad results. You got this. Let's go.

  3. Cameron Knox says:

    Prediction: day 34

  4. BrentCorbett says:

    I guessed 40. Thinking you boys will dial it in sooner.

  5. Itzraller says:

    Love the Series, i Think you get it on day 17

  6. Great watch 👍 keep em coming

  7. trip6549 says:

    every ducking day boys

  8. the drivers looking nice today

  9. Can you shout out my grandma next video because she keeps slicing her driver into the woods?

  10. Prediction: perfect round is day 29

  11. Jeremy Dugan says:

    Prediction time: Day 31.
    You got 2 guys that have to put 3 parts together (drive, approach, putt). Gonna be a slog. But I'm here for it all. Let's go boys!

  12. SwBaMa says:

    Nice to see Jake doing good driver shots

  13. Aidan Surcon says:

    Tis a good series! Good good is going to have some competition

  14. Cool series. Love your videos👍

  15. xEskie says:

    It should atleast extend these videos to being longer

  16. xEskie says:

    Honestly you know what you guys should do if one of you hit a good shot to lower the risk of losing a ball and eliminating one of you guys out of the round just take that good shot and don’t even do the second shot

  17. wILL gRANT says:

    When did this turn into a scramble?

  18. SA says:

    The boyssss

  19. When did Jake turn into a prime Rory Mcilroy 😂

  20. 3rd comment 💪💪

  21. Chance says:

    Daily dose of Ryan 🥳

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