Casual Vs. Country Club Golfers! #golf #golfer #​⁠golflife #shorts @redmooseusa

14 Replies to “Casual Vs. Country Club Golfers! #golf #golfer #​⁠golflife #shorts @redmooseusa”

  1. Sam Levy says:

    Two different worlds

  2. bryan H says:

    You guys are bozos.

  3. Reid says:

    Matt Scharff wannabe

  4. touristguy87 says:

    Just…the cow has been milked

  5. Of course he’s a cat guy

  6. Deng Eomg says:

    Liberals prolly think the shoe cleaning kit is sponsored since it had no place in the video 😂😂😂😂 oh wait

  7. Course I work on has a par 3 start with beaver tail trenches from practice swings lol 😂 I hear ya ❤

  8. JRB Cards says:

    I love this type of content man you guys are the new good good Lol!😂

  9. Josh Pierce says:

    This is accurate….can't stand guys like this

  10. tamoose1 says:

    Stop walking in my backswing…..all courses

  11. Bruhee says:

    I have to experience this every day 😭

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