NEW TITLEIST T-150 vs MIURA MC-501 // Mikey's new irons? // Bonus T-200 Long Irons Review

Today, Mikey puts his old faithful Miura MC-501 irons in a head to head test against his new Titleist T-150 irons.

The T-150 irons are inspired by the player’s performance and feel of T100 but forged into a more confidence-inducing shape, T150 is a modern Tour iron with dialed-up speed for players seeking a little more distance.



Filmed at: Club Champion Toronto
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


30 Replies to “NEW TITLEIST T-150 vs MIURA MC-501 // Mikey's new irons? // Bonus T-200 Long Irons Review”

  1. Enjoying Mikey hitting.
    More representative of some of us viewers.
    Whats your handicap?
    Is there a more forgiving Muira?

  2. Mark Arnold says:

    TXG Drinking game, Ian changes equipment, do a shot! Ugh, Tequila at 6:00am

  3. wow, so don't even get to keep the txg name. I hope you got paid a lot of money to get rid of. your brand

  4. Sebastian D says:

    You´re talkng in the beginning a lot about hight and decent angle, that this is the decisive factor to go to Titleist over Miura. But in the analysis you´re not referring to it anymore. Would be interesting to see this data as well.

  5. Maybe the t200 5i needs a tad less loft for more speed, would also increase a bit the distance gap

  6. Oh no. My poor brain

  7. golf007sd2 says:

    For ME feel and sound are very key factors; thus it plays a major roll in my club selection. Moreover, the brand value and the history of a club maker, also play a roll, Miura is a league ALL on its own…you gents both know that VERY WELL. Looking at the numbers Mikey produced, with each club, I have see why the Miura's had staying in his bag for such a long time. I wish him the best with the new set. That said, DO NOT part with the Miura's….they are CLASS!!!!!!

  8. Bryan Kim says:

    Titleist irons are great but mikey was hitting his miuras so well! Other than carry distance, i’d say miura almost performed better until he got to the long iron.

  9. Quick question: No more TXG? Missed the change.

  10. If Mikey is a 2 handicapper, that puts him in the top 5.4% of male golfers, so while it is interesting to see the results he gets, he is not really representative of us great unwashed masses who make up the bulk of your audience. Or of club buyers. Seems like its time to bring back Ronnie. Somebody with an average handicap of between 14 and 17.
    I hit the T150 7 iron today at the PGA Superstore in Rockville, Maryland. With a Nippon NS Pro 950 GH R flex 94.5 gram shaft. My current irons are solid forged blades with traditional lofts, 34 degree 7 iron, with Nippon NS Pro Zelos 8 stiff 87.5 gram shafts. My handicap index ranges from 16.2 to 17.2. So in a way, I ran a comparison similar to Mikey's but for someone at a lower level of skill. (BTW, I am 82.) Here are the results for my best swings (two for the T150). Used the new Mizuno RB Tour X ball.
    Forged blade 34 degree 7 iron: ball speed 95, carry 132, total 141, launch angle 23.8, height 76, descent angle 44, spin 4842.
    Titleist T150 32 degree 7 iron: ball speed 100.3, carry 141, total 147, launch angle 21.9, height 75, descent angle 42.6, spin 4371
    Titleist T150 32 degree 7 iron: ball speed 98.8, carry 141, total 149, launch angle 23, height 77, descent angle 43.1, spin 3998.
    It looks to me like the results I got confirm what you found for Mikey, that with the new T150 you are getting the same height and close to the same descent angle, less run and thus better stopping, all with the benefit of in my case almost a full club extra distance. These Titleist irons are going to be hot sellers. I also want to try the T200 irons.

  11. Paul Bown says:

    As a high ball hitter the Miuras have my attention

  12. Joe Lane says:

    Hi guys! So assuming someone’s irons are too long for them, the impact location tends to be where? The shot direction tends to be where?
    Also, as far as static measuring, do you still do wrist to floor or knuckles to floor?
    What length would generally constitute going down a 1/4 inch? I know static is not as important as the actual delivery, but as a general guide.
    Thank you!!

  13. Canyon Bond says:

    Just got fit for the first time ever for irons and ended up going T100 4-PW it shocked me how much better the performance was for properly fitted irons. Would love to come and see the boys next year and get a full fit done. Mikey’s swing is looking pure recently!

  14. martynzl says:

    I'm confused I thought that spin reduced launch but increased height?

  15. Why don't you try the Miura KM-700s?

  16. Discr says:

    I don’t understand the infatuation with distance, isn’t it more about solid gapping, good launch/spin rates, and consistent dispersion? I’d take the Miuras due to fractionally more spin, all other things (except distance simply due to stronger loft) being equal.

  17. Tragedy if anyone ever switches from a Miura to any other brand.

  18. Dr.JPX919 says:

    I miss the txg intro

  19. I would love to see comparison with Miura 302's

  20. Interesting review/fitting…I had the last gen T100S irons (7-PW) blended with the T200 irons (5/6). But, the T200s were soooooo different from size, looks, feel, sound, and the sole resulting in a much different turf interaction which wasn’t apparent in the fitting bay off the fake turf…I’ll be interested to see if that has been sorted out. The T100S irons felt and sounded so much better too. the T200s were very clicky and that plastic crap on the back got absolutely annoying after 3 months…wound up selling them. Can’t believe they are still using that junk…just made it shiny and put more writing on it now…does look better; not sure the sound and feel are any better…will have to check them out and see!

  21. i Mc says:

    Not quite the home run if you consider every degree of loft would roughly equate to 2mph ball speed, with the titleist being 2 degree stronger basically performing the same with if anything a tighter SD for the muira. Would have been nice to see more of the comparable land angles & peak heights. The heel strikes in the muira and toe strikes in the T150 could be a result of the two shaft lengths?

  22. hkp says:

    I would love to see him hitting some Mizuno 🙂

  23. Kieran Kenny says:

    Hold up! Can I just mention how well Mikey is hitting these, and just how many tap ins there were even with the 5 irons – and blades no less. Fair play Mikey! Lovely set of shots for comparison. 🙌

  24. Dave Ball says:

    Another top video guys. How about considering the Axioms Mikey? I’m a long time Steelfiber user and graphite is the way to go in my books.

  25. Harmony says:

    I dont have any issues with height and stopping power, if anything I want to bring my flight down a little. Currently play MC-501 w C-taper 130x… Was looking at doing a T100 / T150 Combo as my dispersion suffers a bit at the 5 and 4 iron. Is this the right route to go?

  26. Mike Howrish says:

    Why not more t-200’s or even a full bag?

  27. Sohlio says:

    What hcp Mikey has?

  28. TXchadTX says:

    Tried these yesterday. Love the feel of the t100 but didn't love the 150's at all. Honestly for some reason i found the t150 less forgiving feeling (shrug)

  29. JStagz says:

    Would love to see Angle of Descent data during these sessions given what Ian has taught us about it's importance in a fit. Otherwise top drawer as always!

  30. Steve Pothos says:

    So I was just fit into T100 with AMT White x100 coming from Mizuno 223 in DG 120 X100. Makes sense I would hit the 7i great as they are pretty much the same. My question is what should I expect in longer irons with the reduced weight and not being able to actually try them before buying?

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