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Leeds United’s season kicks off this week and we are ready for the Championship – even if the squad isn’t quite there yet. At least young Cressy has put pen to paper.

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35 Replies to “Champo Chat 路 Weekly Show”

  1. Toc says:

    Running out of Americans to blame.

  2. I say this repeatedly but ….Get rid of Bamford NOW!

  3. Gary Hillman says:

    We can鈥檛 get excited about the Hearts game there def a pub team the overweight sub looking like Rab C Nesbit coming on for them capped it off. But we did look good. A good striker and we win that 4-0. The Forest team were very very poor we made them look like the championship team. If we can get Farke his 5/6 in he needs I think he ll take us back up in style. But 10 out 1 in so far ain鈥檛 good. He ain鈥檛 happy

  4. phantomjac says:

    I suppose Rob cannot wait to see Harrison take another corner too or run into a cul de sac after another wonderful first touch.

  5. chris holmes says:

    I know lots of players have left, Apart from Rodrigo & Wober are we actually any weaker without them

  6. Meslier
    Ayling Cooper Struijk Byram
    Ampadu Gray
    James Sinisterra Gnonto

  7. Kevin Walker says:

    Absolutely love Moscow and Rob absolutely nailed it when he was talking bout wober馃槀馃槀馃槀鉂 keep up the good content.. wills probate and conveyancing. MOT ALAW

  8. sign Piroe and Hamer, theres your 9 and 10

  9. Bowie Doctor says:

    I'm all for Byram if Farke wants him. He has the ability, experience and leadership qualities, 2 footed and Leeds own. It's all about his injuries – that's up to medical analysis. And he's free!

  10. Bowie Doctor says:

    It's quite interesting looking at Farke's choices for #9 against Cardiff assuming Bamford and Rutter are not available. Options: Gnonto – not a great pre-season; Gelhardt – Farke sees him as more of a #10; Joseph – does Farke see him more as a winger; and Greenwood – where is he? I reckon I'd start with Gelhardt with Joseph on the bench to come on. But will Gnonto be a surprise start with Summerville as #10? I could see a potential partnership with those two.

  11. Interesting thanks. One quibble, Daniel Chapman鈥檚 delivery is funereal

  12. ( that sat for for a few seconds before it landed ) 鈥淲i-Fi 鈥 馃槀馃ぃ

  13. Just listening and can鈥檛 move past the fact we still don鈥檛 have a solid, reliable LB with only days to go. Same old and deja vous.

  14. Richard Hill says:

    Patrick Bamford should just retire. He is physically not capable of playing football.

  15. djbezzer89 says:

    Once again going into a season relying on Bamford & no left back third year in a row absolute s**thouse this club

  16. Don鈥檛 you think we signed the wrong James 鈥..??鈥hould it have been Lauren

  17. john askew says:

    Excellent as usual but give the t shirt a miss please

  18. Random Guy says:

    A lot of these players had six weeks off for the World Cup break, plenty of time to work on the fitness side of things.

  19. KevBoink says:

    Best of luck to the square ball and all lufc fans ahead of what will hopefully be a great season 馃槃

  20. Chris Davis says:

    a slow start, mostly draws then post xmas go from mid table to somewhere in the top 5

  21. Spig says:

    We play old vs young every so often at footy, the average age of those teams are low 20s and upper mid 40s, every time the older team wins. Experience and communication matters a lot in football.

  22. RP Astrology says:

    Cheers guys. I see Sunday as going 1 of 2 ways. We play well, win comfortably enough, Archie has a really good debut, happy days and optimism. Or we play okay, but pick up a couple of injurues, including in midfield. Panic and worry set in given thin-ness of squad (aside from wingers)

  23. Jamie Lowe says:

    Bamford enjoyed it most without fans. He鈥檚 a bottle job when fans are in ground can鈥檛 handle pressure

  24. Jonny Smyth says:

    Let's quickly forget the wastrels who have thankfully left us and not mention their names until next summer.

  25. G Yorkshire says:

    The fitness thing is shocking. I think that is the one aspect of being a manager that I could actually manage myself, but it was beyond Jesse Marsch it seems.

  26. blindgeorged says:

    Funny how it was obvious after the first friendly what we were trying to do in attack and defence鈥

    Rewind to Marsch complaining that the players don鈥檛 get it a year into his job at Leeds 馃槀

  27. laughed out loud about Darlow's teeth – nice one

  28. Bunga Bening says:

    If you ask any Leeds fan to name our most influential player over the last few years the answer would be unanimous — Pablo Hernandez. And just as Pablo made Bielsa's team tick, so Buendia did for Farke.
    And yet in a few days we are about to start our third season without a recognised playmaker.
    It would be great to see several signings in the next four weeks but at the absolute minimum we need a proper No.10 and a striker

  29. Kevin B says:

    I still think Joffy can be Pukki-esque in this system with our wingers. Bamford and Rutter getting hurt could be great timing for Joffy.

  30. Leo Dragon says:

    Our last two Championship seasons with Marcelo were two of the most enjoyable seasons ever. Not because of the outcome (although that certainly helped in our promotion season) but because of the football. We played glorious, beautiful football in every game.

    If Farke can deliver 80% of that kind of football then I鈥檓 all in for this season.

    As for Jesse Marsch and the players鈥 lack of fitness, it鈥檚 making my blood boil when I think back to the press conference where he criticised Marcelo about how the players were overworked. That man had nothing but empty words.

    You made great points about the players who have gone not owning up to their own failures but having contracts that allow them to move on and wash their hands of the problems they created. When Angus Kinnear comes on, I鈥檇 like to know what鈥檚 being done to ensure this doesn鈥檛 happen again. We want players like Coops who genuinely fight for the shirt, not players who just play lip service. Oh, and I don鈥檛 want ANY of those players back who have f鈥檇 off to play in a higher league. Roca and W艒ber may have an option to come back but they are NOT wanted.

  31. Renegade Zac says:

    Feeling good about the upcoming game now we have an actual manager and the team look alot more confident

  32. Mr Jones says:

    Oh Dan please don't start with that. He did it right in front of the travelling Leeds fans. He actually looks right up at the Leeds fans. Even IF he meant to direct it at the Forest fans, why did he do it right in front of the Leeds fans? I am so sick of people defending him. Also, obstructing the keeper for Dan James' beauty was just so Bamford.

  33. Easy to slag him off, but fair play to Angus for coming on, can鈥檛 berate him for that

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