Worst Shot Triples at NORTHWOODS BLACK!! w/Calvin Heimburg & @BrodieSmith!! | Back 9

Can we get even a single Birdy? 😂. Worst Shot Triples on the Hardest Course on Tour is a doozy!

Front 9 on Brodie’s Channel!

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43 Replies to “Worst Shot Triples at NORTHWOODS BLACK!! w/Calvin Heimburg & @BrodieSmith!! | Back 9”

  1. R Neil says:

    I was laughing so hard. Great video guys

  2. Mr Tony 19 says:

    My wife and I laughed so much during this video. Worst shot triples is the greatest evil idea of all time.

  3. Lankybrit52 says:

    Calvin was excellent. I will follow him much more after this. You guys should have top disc golf guys more often to get an idea of their personalities. Great video.

  4. The utter defeat at each tree on hole 18 had me rolling. Depressing round but you got an incredible video out of it!

  5. Lavajava100 says:

    Thank you for this demonstration of masochism.

  6. That’s not the attitude. What about a tomahawk? 😂😂

  7. Good buzz going looks like

  8. That was an amazing challenge you should never, ever, do again. 😂

  9. Zyron says:

    I miss the Eagle Calvin practice rounds this is so familiar but you guys just suck, that’s the only difference😂 I’ve never laughed so hard though 😂

  10. Aither says:

    The struggle was real in this one. and it was very entertaining! :DD

  11. Taylor Brown says:

    3:28 Calvin killing me 😭. That’s me every dubs match ever.

  12. Hole 18 lesson on tautology: "What gap did you hit?"

    "The big one"

  13. David Jones says:

    Calvin's speech at 13 rivals Disney underdog movies at halftime

  14. Aaron Roehm says:

    This round was awesome. So funny. Honestly probably good practice mentally for the worst round in your life. Literally every throw is the worst option.

  15. The funniest practice videoes to date. Playing bad (on purpose to make the audience relate) and with Calvin on. Amazing. Keep it coming.

  16. If Ezra taught a yoga class, this guy would absolutely be there!

  17. Jay Norris says:

    Calvin with the best pep talks in the game

  18. Alternate title: Brodie and Calvin throw from Ezra’s shanks 😂

  19. 55 minutes???? DA*N

  20. Calvin's humor and witt is something I didnt know I needed to know about

  21. Broken scaphoid gang

  22. Shane Groves says:

    Best ones yet guys!

  23. bobby shizz says:

    Calvin going tomahawk on every shot had me rolling.

  24. Philip Shane says:

    This like a whole round of back home humor packed into 9 holes.
    This is the new 3 Stooges.

  25. Man I was laughing way too hard during this video.. most relatable watch 😂

  26. lkjsdf1 says:

    Wow what a shit show. I loved it.

  27. Brodie at 52:35 should be a clip

  28. I love that I get to see Ez’s Oh face at the start of this video while it loads.

  29. More fun than Jones practice rounds? More fun than tournaments! I am LOVING this new format! Keep it up. I think best shot/worst shot works better for the technical courses though. Open courses, worst shot all the way!

  30. D G says:

    Love that you all talk about “birdie holes” on Hole 15 and you had only had like maybe 4-5 pars at that time😂😂😂😂

  31. Vinny's pep talk on 18 that just killed Brodie was hilarious XD

  32. The hole 18 pump up talk from Calvin was great lol 😂

  33. Yo guys, i respect the sht outta worst shot, and i know best shot seems too easy so it doesn't accrue the same respect, but we out here trying to see fireworks! If the first person up shanks, I personally feel it's very discouraging to every single person that throws after, knowing their throw isn't going to matter, it affects shots. Y'all part of three of my top five favorites, for individual reasons, I WANNA SEE Y'ALL SHOWCASE SOME SICKNESS OUT THERE!! much love from MT, rooting for every single one of you, NO MERCY

  34. sTiTcH says:

    Why isn't the video titled "We're playing Brodie's shot" since it's worst shot triples?

  35. Marc van der says:

    The hardest yet funniest practice round I have ever seen!

  36. This practice round maybe the funniest disc golf content I have ever seen.

  37. Noah Demski says:

    Favorite video yet

  38. Ethan Bentz says:

    The fact that your worst shot score is better than my best round ever out there lol

  39. Kyle Moses says:

    52:07 the sound the disc makes is NUTS 😂😂

  40. Steve Liska says:

    Great stuff. I've been a long time Jomez watcher, and they're still great – but this was as funny and entertaining as any practice round they've ever done

  41. This is the best content on YouTube.

  42. Where were tbe 3 aces?

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