Chelsea's £80m offer for Moises Caicedo rejected by Brighton – The Transfer Show

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28 Replies to “Chelsea's £80m offer for Moises Caicedo rejected by Brighton – The Transfer Show”

  1. Jeffrey Goh says:

    $120m he’s worth it.😊

  2. BonJovi71 says:

    Who the hell is this Moises Caicedo guy?

  3. Bellingham seems like a absolute bargain now.

    He's much better than out new boy rice, and 10x better than caicedo.

    Nowadays it's not about how good you are… its about how good you might be

  4. Even at $60m; this guy is over priced!!!
    Pls, move on to another player!

  5. Zealand says:

    No way he is worth 80m!

    Please walk away and get two better players for less

  6. Chelsea are trying to bully a small club . They keep raiding them as it is 8 personnel now. Leave them alone !

  7. Is it just inflation in UK or what? These prices for average players are riddiculous. Every player is definintely more than 50 mil now.

  8. Alvy Beatz says:

    Just waited out..once Brighton out of europa they will sell him for peanuts then noone will want him

  9. GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY 100M+ for a last year Kane, 80m for caicedo, 105m for rice, 249M for Mbappe, 50M for the young lad at southamton and the list goes on . these levels of transfer fees surely cant continue on this spiral, you can say goodbye to more and more lower league teams if they do and i know that FIFA brought in FFP to make football more sustainable but the way clubs are finding ways round this is rediculus and even when they do pull their finger out the fines and punishments are laughable (Man Utd fined 250k for breaches – laughable since a club of that size would likely make that back in a day or so). All this before we even get to agent fees and wages and sign on fees etc. Sorry for the rant but money men are ruining the game

  10. omono kokote says:

    It is a very lazy approach to think that only one player can play in ur team and waste more than 2months negotiating for him with no progress. It was senseless to leave ugarte n focus on a player who is not showing signs of wanting ur club

  11. Xrystian G says:

    Should have just spend 120 getting rice if this is the money caicedo is being talked about for

  12. Do you think Brighton don't have ambitions of their own. What all analysis fail to realise is that with FFP and the money pouring into epl from TV rughts and sponsorship,, every club is pretty much on the same level playing field. With TV rights, players sale and good scouting team, Brighton is just as competent getting the right players, manager, and performing to the level of a first tier team. A club that does not need to sell is players can easily be competing for the league, top4 or europe..

    In conclusion what i am saying is that football has change and being a traditional rich and successful club in England will soon not guarantee trophy anymore. The best managed club will be the most succesful in the future. It won't be about buying the so called best players cos clubs in epl don't need the money apart from the greedy ones, which are usually the worst managed clubs.

  13. mickey hart says:

    Chelsea should go for Lavia and Kudus instead of caicedo…love the player, hate his current club…maybe they should pull a "mbappe"…lol

  14. Chelsea should forget about this boy called Caciedo. Look at Enzo. He hasn't got any experience in UCL, just because he took the world Cup Chelsea bought him. Now is Caciedo. This doesn't make any sense at all. They are far better midfield out there that has more experience than this guys Chelsea is spending big for. This is madness 😠


  16. James Fagan says:

    All the players are over priced people are struggling to pay their bills and you are feed this garbage about 90 100 300 million players its just disgusting nonsense its a game not life or death humanity needs to get its act together

  17. km254 says:

    Even Ndidi would be a better better deal than this guy😅

  18. Man u should step in and buy caicedo for 100 million

  19. Abel Njeru says:

    lets chelsea keep off caicedo and focuse somewhere else

  20. K says:

    Either ask caicedo to force Brighton to sell and make a public statement or walk away.

  21. 1 good season and everybody wants £100 for a player

  22. Dan Waters says:

    Enzo is way better than Caicedo and he had a release clause. Paying the release clause was the only way to get him.

  23. Chelsea must walk out of this Caisedo deal, nobody can tell me there are no Caisedo like in other teams or league. Time too is going July is ending, it's better Chelsea quickly look for another replacement!!!

  24. If that player will do more for the club, Chelsea should completed the deal rather than wasting of money and time on one player….go Chelsea go….

  25. devonblue says:

    Brighton need to get the Decland Rice figure of 100 Mill , out of thier heads ….simples

  26. That's what happened when u go around splashing cash 😀

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