Chipping from Downhill Lies with Roger Cleveland – Wedgeducation

@RogerCleveland and Randy Peterson show you how to chip from downhill lies. Put your weight (and spine angle) a little forward, ball in the center of your stance, choke down, and cup your wrists.

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3 Replies to “Chipping from Downhill Lies with Roger Cleveland – Wedgeducation”

  1. geno816 says:

    I must admit. I tried this the other day and I still tripled the hole.

  2. Mike Murphy says:

    That wasn't a chip shot lol, pitch or even flop yes – chip no. Fail.

  3. Dagny Thoene says:

    For God's sake, don't tell anybody the type of wedge you used. We wouldn't want that useful information to get out.

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