Foresight GC2 vs Garmin R10 using the e6 golf app

11 Replies to “Foresight GC2 vs Garmin R10 using the e6 golf app”

  1. Cheers for the content Joe! I play PXG0211 irons and I noticed these are low spin clubs… I have R10 with E6 and RCT balls and my 4-5 irons spin in the low 3000… I struggle getting height even though my ball speed is around 130mph with the clubs and launch 12-14… I did notice during your testing that the peak height on your longer clubs (4 iron and driver) seemed to be lower on R10 than your GC2. Any thoughts? Appreciate you and keep up the good work mate!

  2. Good job on the comparisons Joe. Thanks for taking the time. When it boils down to it, it seems like camera based versus radar does have differences. Are those differences a deal breaker for the R10… probably not for most and not for me for sure. Appreciate your videos… keep up the good work.

  3. Roxor Golf says:

    I could watch launch monitor comparison videos all day. Good job.

  4. Peter says:

    Thorough comparison Joe top work 🍺⛳️

  5. dodgydave75 says:

    Think Garmin are needing to do another update. I thought carry was low for driver as well on the Garmin . It is only £500 but 10 yards and 4mph ball speed difference is a lot

  6. Paul P says:

    Thanks for the great comparison videos. Would you say that the e6 results for carry and spin will be similar to gspro results since we're connecting via gcconnect api / e6 in garmin app?

  7. Adam Brandon says:

    Great video's Joe. I really love the comparison. I have had the R10 for awhile now and just bought a GC2 today. Could you share what spotlight you are using for the GC2?

  8. Donald Sacco says:

    You must put a lot of time and effort in this editing and all . Appreciate all you do . Seems like My Garmin struggles with distance with outside net.I went to Garmin forums and nets seem to be a problem. Going to try a black fabric behind net. Thanks again.

  9. Great info in all your videos. Love to see this style comparison on gc2 vs r10 both on gspro. May just be me but seems like your shot shape on garmin r10 gspro are a little different on e6, garmin app, and awesome golf on the r10.

  10. Mathew A says:

    Thanks for uploading this Joe, good to see the comparisons over the 3 Garmin apps. Hopefully we get to see you post some full golf rounds on GSPRO as well as possibly some tournament play. The 3-4 holes in nice but i just want more lol. I like how you breakdown the shots.

  11. Brandon says:

    Awesome info as always.

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