Chipping can really be this simple. Get your short game up to scratch, stop fatting or thinning chip shots and lower your scores.

Andy Cheese Golf is here to bring GOLFERS the ultimate in golf tips, golf drills and content to improve your golf swing and enjoy your time on the golf course.
I don’t expect you all to turn into Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy or play on the PGA Tour but improving your golf swing is a start! Think of this as your Golf Lesson channel.
So grab yourself a golf club, check out the golf swing tips, fix your slice and get golf drills to improve your golf now.
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4 Replies to “CHIPPING MADE SIMPLE – Chipping tips”

  1. Dan Ellens says:

    Brilliant video always been my Achilles heel but that seems so simple. Thanks.

  2. Chris gough says:

    Great video again Andy

  3. Yet again Andy a very informative video 👍👍 thank you

  4. Paul Dyche says:

    Great video Andrew 👍

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