Chud Chat 7/30

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  1. Ideas for videos, smoked deli meat. Like turkey, chicken, roast beef, ham, etc.. For these hot days in Texas when you don't want to cook, or fire up a hot pit. Make some cold cut sandwiches.

  2. Because it's sterile and I like the taste where is that quote from, I wonna say dodgeball?

  3. I asked about the fart during L&L's Saturday service, but it went unaddressed.

  4. geckos27 says:

    That was Miller Lite and Taylor powered😂 Greets from Germany

  5. G"day Brad & Evan, How's it going? Would you guys like to come to Australia one day? Beers are on, at mine, haha. Cheers Cam

  6. oubrad85 says:

    I wish EH Taylor was easy to find in DFW. People go crazy when it drops.

  7. Eamonn Byrne says:

    Great that you're coming over to Ireland. It's much better than the UK, especially the pubs

  8. Tye Dodson says:

    I have an Oklahoma joe I will just give you not in bad condition at all. In new braunfels

  9. Ben B says:

    Thanks for the shout Evan! I cook at City Limits Q. Come see us if you're ever around Columbia SC.

  10. BHLOM says:

    I commented on the fart….🎉

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