Corporate America to Photographer: Making Money Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner!

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In this week’s episode, we discuss my transition from a 17 year career in corporate America to professional photographer, and the things I wish I knew sooner. This week marks five years since my time in the corporate world came to an abrupt end and my journey into turning my photography hobby into a full-time career began. It’s one of the most common questions I receive, what it was like going through the process, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy, I almost gave up on more occasions than I can count, but some how I managed to survive. In this video, I’ll discuss the three step framework I followed, along with the things I wish I knew sooner. I hope you enjoy this week’s video and as always thanks so much for watching! – Mark D.

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26 Replies to “Corporate America to Photographer: Making Money Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner!”

  1. Mark Denney says:

    🌟ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Subscribe to the channel, Like the video, and comment on your favorite genre of photography!

  2. I’m making a change in my life to rekindle my love of landscape and travel photography, taking to the road indefinitely. I very much appreciate the terrific information and techniques you share with us all, Mark. Well done! And all the best for your continued success.

  3. Andrew says:

    Thank you Mark for this amazing opportunity! I’m a traveling medical professional and I enjoy taking along my camera and photographing my adventures when I’m out working contracts. I really get into landscape, animal and astro photography! Whenever I need inspiration or want to improve upon my Lightroom skills you’re my number one go to guy.

  4. Been following you for a few years now. Your work is amazing. Keep them coming!!

  5. Hey Mark, thanks for all your great content! I’m a photographer still finding my niche but so far I tend to focus on Landscape, street, Cityscape and fine art. I had a great trip to the beach here in MA lately and captured some shots I really enjoy.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Gray says:

    My favorites are wildlife and firefighting photography. Im a fireman and I love when it works out that im able to be at a scene and take picture of what my coworkers are doing!

  7. Hamad Hameed says:

    I like landscape photography , I had many courses to be advanced in landscape photography.

  8. Thanks for the great videos, keep up the good work. Right now I solely shoot landscape photography and some portraits. (Retired from weddings and events). I think you hit it on the head with what you were talking about adding value.

  9. Drew Hunt says:

    Hey Mark, nice to hear about the transition from corporate to freelance; something I’ve been kicking around myself for some time now and haven’t taken the leap. I primarily focus on landscape and architecture/RE photography. Keep up the good work and hope to see you hit the 500k subscriber mark.

  10. Hi! I really like street photography, especially the cinematic feels, but I do enjoy landscape photography too, and you are the best teacher I have found online 🙂

  11. I'm a retired 42 year resident of Interior Alaska that just loves a good composition, wether it's a bowl of fruit, or a heart stopping landscape. I love this channel and your humble way of teaching photography Mark, keep up the good work!

  12. M!MO says:

    Great video and insight into your path.
    I do mostly nature / landscape photography. I also enjoy to document what happens around me.

  13. MrByancey says:

    First and foremost, Mark. Your videos are always spot on. I am a wildlife/ landscape photographer who is essentially in your old shoes. Retired from Law Enforcement and entered corporate sales. Then, as you know, I was one of the unlucky. So I am trying to transition into full time photography. Keep the videos coming !

  14. I'm a retiree from the corporate world, I completely agree with you, it can be a dog eat dog world out there. You can go from hero to zero the very next day. I primarily shoot landscapes and have been for some 35 plus years. I'm a Nikon shooter, however, I started with an old 35MM Mamiya that I purchased four months into the Navy. I immediately fell in love with photography. I think it is so interested hearing about your journey transitioning from corporate America to a landscape photographer. I watch all you videos and gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and motivation of which I thank you. One question that I do have for you is where you a photographer prior to making the transition? In other words, if you even had time did you take pictures will working in your corporate profession? Again, thanks for the continued videos and insight.

  15. Tony Hull says:

    Landscape photography is my favorite

  16. Eric Jonsson says:

    Hi Mark.
    About 5 months ago I started photographing my family and some landscape as a hobby, the big dream I have is to become "real" photograph sometime in the future. Thanks for your hard work! It's realy inspiring!

  17. Tyler Bame says:

    Congrats on the milestone Mark, wishing you continued success! I suppose I would categorize myself as a landscape photographer, although I like to mix nature and manmade objects like lighthouses, old buildings, broken down vehicles 🙂

  18. Thank you for always being such an amazing inspiration Mark! I am currently in corporate America & would love to shift my career to full time photography, but it honestly scares me to take the leap.
    My favorite genre of photography is landscapes. I also love shooting wildlife, portraits, & sports.
    Congrats on 250k subscribers! 🎉

  19. Hi Mark , i am a learning landscape photographer . Thank you for all your videos.

  20. I'm a landscape and abstract photographer. Your videos are good instruction, presented well and helps keep my interest in trying new things. Congrats on your five years!

  21. The type of photography i love to do is creative photography. I love to use items that i find boring and create something unique out of it

  22. Hello Mark, thank you for this and the other videos you post. I shoot wildlife and landscape.

  23. Joe Lafoon says:

    My favorite is wildlife, but I also shoot real estate as a side gig. I picked up macro and landscape more seriously during the pandemic, and still shoot them when the mood strikes or I need a creative break of something different.

    Thanks for consistently providing quality tutorials on YT!

  24. Hello Mark, thanks for the giveaway it is really nice of you! I'm an opportunistic photographer. I'm most drawn to landscape, wildlife and astro but I always enjoy a bit of street photography, as a lot of the time I can spend taking pictures is during my holidays :). I don't often comment on Youtube (I know I'm a bad subscriber ^^) but I have meant to give you a feedback for a long time so here it comes. Although I really love the content of your video I really get turned off by the title of the videos sometimes. I know that it is important to draw people to watch the video but I guess I have been watching too many of them and now when I see 'Pro' or 'Best Secret' in a title I have a tendency to skip it. Maybe I'm the only one affected by that so I won't take it personally if you keep at it 😂. I really hope you will see that as a constructive feedback although I fell a little bit sh**ty to mention that on a giveaway video but I know I will never do it if I wait for another one. All the best and looking forward to your 500k subscribers!

  25. I’ve become intrigued lately in Architectural photography!

  26. James Hider says:

    Congrats on the five years. My passion is photography in our beautiful cool temperate rainforest here in Victoria, Australia

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