Costco Gen 2 Wedges Are Here!! My Honest Review

The Costco Kirkland Signature Gen 2 wedges were just released this summer. Here’s my honest review from a mere mortal.

Intro – 0:00

Comparing Gen 2 and Gen 1 Wedges – 0:30

Chip Shots- 2:48

Bunker Shots – 4:59

Full Shots: 6:18

Final Verdict: 9:19




25 Replies to “Costco Gen 2 Wedges Are Here!! My Honest Review”

  1. Really wish I had a Costco close by 😒

  2. I agree with your comments needing a 50-54-58 set to better suit the stronger lofted iron sets.

  3. Mike Mazza says:

    I can't find these on their website?

  4. susan says:

    Googlechat Gone! Virus?

  5. Jeff Job says:

    When a golf club company has their product made overseas, it's far more likely you are going to see copies. The specs are not secret and are easily duplicated. When you can get three of these wedges for the price of one vokey, you kind of wonder if it's worth handing that much profit to Titleist.

  6. Highend 365 says:

    Why didnt they go with 50-54-58 to be a little more modern?

  7. Kinda wished they went with a stronger loft option like 50,54,58

  8. These wedges are my next purchase. Looking to see how the irons come out and the kirkland driver.

  9. Are they in stores yet?!!!

  10. Paul McGee says:

    Great for store keepers

  11. Where can you find them Costco removed them from their website all links to the V2 version are broken and don’t work anymore they were there a week ago

  12. Brandon4EK says:

    I started playing 2 years ago with the callaway edge set from costco and I've really been considering new wedges for a while now- something about the Edge wedges just doesn't work well for me, tend to hook everything left that requires 3/4+ of a swing, and the sand wedge feels really bad for me around the greens compared to some rented clubs I've used in the past.

    I've already upgraded my driver, think these are worthy of my next upgrade?

  13. golfaddict says:

    Dang I can not seem to find these anywhere in Alberta Canada…great review Gabe….cheers from Vulcan Canada

  14. Baseball Fan says:

    Where do we get these wedges… I know they are Costco brand… but I dont see them on their website. πŸ™ but when I do… going to get them.

  15. Great job through out with your "Costco Crusade"!I'm running there tomorrow to see if our local store has gotten the wedges.Thanks for keeping your finger on the release.

  16. allo cromeau says:

    Ill stick with my SM8

  17. I snatched a set about three weeks ago. I like them but… Yep, there is always a butt. I hit a 50/54/60 normally and I had to keep the SM8 50 degree because the difference in distance was too great from PW to 52 (TM P790s) and I'm considering going back to the 54 for a similar issue although I like the way the wedges spin up and do well around the greens. I don't think I can get the 56 bent to 54 which would be ideal since the SM8 is pretty much worn down. Still, the 60 is money and the 56 is good as well.

  18. Heard they may come up with a Costco.. Driver !!!

  19. Dr. Phil. says:

    Indi Golf in Carlsbad designs the wedges, but not sure who does the manufacturing. Most likely made in china, unfortunately. I have the first gen and like them. I replaced the grips due to the Kirkland grips are a bit undersized. I was hoping Kirkland would make full face wedges. Can't wait for the Indi/Kirkland iron set to come out. Great and honest review as always Gabe.

  20. Mark Zinda says:

    How do they compare price-wise with a Vokey?

  21. Paul Truman says:

    My question is when can you buy them? I checked online and they were not carrying them.

  22. Ken Moffatt says:

    Is there a reason there's pretty much no golfzon wave reviews yet? I know movies and games will set a release date for reviews… Is this what's happening?

  23. ThrifTeeGolf says:

    See if these wedges are just as good as big names. The biggest thing about wedges is new grooves. If I can buy new grooves that wins 10/10 times over used big brand wedges just on groove life alone. I'll have to keep a look out for these at cosco!!

  24. Enigma says:

    I was in Costco a few weeks ago and saw these. I probably should have picked them up because they cannot be found now

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