My family had a TRAVEL NIGHTMARE…so I packed orders on no sleep!


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38 Replies to “My family had a TRAVEL NIGHTMARE…so I packed orders on no sleep!”

  1. I know you mentioned Supplyhut but have you ordered from American Bubble Boy? We always use them and they ship and deliver so quick.

  2. Siggi Lamp says:

    Buy a Chill-Well unit for your garage. They work

  3. God bless you and the entire family,friends & pets! Enjoy but also get rest !❤

  4. I love how you get along with Vita. You tease each other, but you clearly have a special relationship. Your Grandmother reminds me so much of my Mutti. She wore simple 'house dresses she called them and babushkas(head scarf) with flip flops', like she was plucked right out of the old country of Austria. She cooked, cleaned, worked in her 'garden'(wore little black rubber boots). A very simple LADY. She was a homebody. I saw your grandmother and it really made me think of her. The same sweet eyes, smile and youthful skin. My Dad always said she came from 'good stock' lol! I believe he was right. Thanks for sharing them with us. I see why you are so special. ❤

  5. Pete Snyder says:

    I used to buy my bubble wrap at Sam's until I started buying from American Bubble boy. Who knows what you actually get anymore but Sam's is always a go to if you run out.

  6. vaca4643 says:

    I just saw rolls of bubble wrap on Marketplace….no clue if it's a good price though….Glad you got your family home…..♥

  7. Very good video in the few “Days of the Life ” of Philly Phlipper Paul! Lol
    Again, love & adore your family – grandma, aunt, & VITA ❤ .. great job on the Seinfeld Lego -Vita! 😊
    So, Paul, I’m sorry it was so frustrating with getting your family back home.. the usual of making plans and something always occurs, but you took charge and got them home! Same with the bubble wrap! Yeah, it sucks that we as resellers try to support other resellers.. I know about the company with the controversy, forgot their name , I can’t remember!! We always try to find the best prices! Again, something always happens.
    I just like how you manage your time! You got your breakfast then went in and got you bins and bubble wrap and onto YOUR sales and EXCELLENT profits!
    Thanks for the advice where to get bins! I need to organize my “Death House” 😂yes the Death Piles have taken over my home…😒 time to get organized, tackle one bin at a time, and I’ll get there!
    ❤ from your #1 Baltimore girl!

  8. Susie D. says:

    Hi Paul,,these days everything is hurry up then wait.
    Sometimes I think people don’t care and just waiting for their paycheck. Sad but true. Especially the airlines.
    All our best to you.

  9. I do listing the same way. one tote listed? move onto the next one.

  10. Yell at me if I spaced out, but have you bought from American Bubble Boy?

  11. Mark Farr says:

    Great Video as always – How do you deal with the delisting The solds when cross listing. Do you do that manually every morning? Or is there an automatic way of doing it now? Whats best cross listing platform?

  12. They make portable A/c units you can use in your garage and when you go to your house in a year you can take with you

  13. Walmart sells bubble wrap also office depot too has bubble wrap

  14. If you have a Sam’s club business membership you can usually get in earlier.

  15. Another great video. Enjoyed seeing your family and how much you help and work as a unit. A close knit family indeed. I love how hospitable you are to your family and friends.

  16. What's the price difference. I've used american bubble, but now idk. I normally get 700 feet.

  17. Julie Swan says:

    Loved this episode. What background changer do you use? Thanks

  18. JoEllen says:

    Oh my goodness Paul I just love your family and Vita is so cute! Congrats on the sales😊

  19. I saw your replies about American bubble boy. The quality has improved, only issue i run into now is some of the sheets dont tare like they should. We order the small plus for like $3 more per 700ft, and go through usually 2 orders a month if not more. If you want I can fill a box with some from a roll and send it to your PObox so you can see if the quality has improved for you!

  20. Teri Hatland says:

    Sam's is also our go to for bubble wrap when I don't have time to order or I run out. Right now we're going through about 10 rolls a week. It's like 15 bucks for a big roll of Scott. Another emergency bubble wrap solution is Uline. The only thing I will say about that though is you're going to have to order a lot to make it make sense since you have to have it delivered freight. But you can get that sometimes even overnight.

  21. Bajfam says:

    Where do you get the AI backgrounds from… thanks in advance

  22. Do you cross list your golf clubs to posh? I am curious how the oversized box would ship even though it’s under the 5 lbs.

  23. Hey there! If you’re ever short on bubblewrap or boxes let me know and I can spot you some till you get your orders. 🙂
    Sam’s club – if you upgrade to the business membership it opens t 8am. And way fewer people shopping then as well. 😊

  24. Paul don't be disrespecting Pennsylvania lol

  25. S Carter says:

    Hey Paul! You are definitely burning the candle from both ends. Just remember to get a good nights sleep! Agree, the AI backgrounds makes the items pop. I believe Dave does AI periodically 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. Jessy. Shops says:

    The women in your family are darlinggg!!! So sweet! ❤
    SAMS!! Haha I have the membership “business” where you can get in earlier (like 7am I think) that 10 o’clock crowd is crazyyyy! Plus I like to do everything early and get home. Did you try the sushi?

  27. God’s Blessings to Paul and All. Your a busy man, take care.

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  29. Next time go through Avelo airline. They go into Fort myers to Wilmington DE only certain days tho

  30. Paul, I love american bubble boy. Fast free ship. Never a issue.

  31. FYI Smithfield is no longer an American company. It's owned by a Chinese group.

  32. We've got the Home Alone Legoset. It is so cool! Building with Lego is so relaxing and fun.

  33. Sometime could you add to a video how you are redoing your photos with Photo Room Thank you

  34. Your cousin was a joy. Your lucky Your young. Watching now

  35. Anne Brown says:

    American bubble boy for bubble wrap

  36. Rick Louis says:

    I want a sister like yours! What a Sweetheart she is!👍👍👍

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