Countering the games biases in Football Manager 2023 – FM23 Tips

Is your team always injured? Do you always have the worst fixture schedule in the league? Are transfer windows the most stressful time of the year?

Call 555-FM-Immortal for your guide to counteracting all the various ways this game throws horrendous challenges your way (and your way only).

This video is a tongue-in-cheek take on the different strategies you can employ to navigate the trickiest periods of the season in Football Manager 2023, but we think these tips will hold up in FM24, too!

Let us know down in the comments how you cater for injuries, fixture congestion, transfer headaches and idiotic staff recommendations…

Our video on what to consider before selling a player is here:

00:00 Intro
00:45 Injuries
03:23 Fixture congestion
04:59 Transfer windows
06:46 Idiotic staff
07:05 Wrap-up


6 Replies to “Countering the games biases in Football Manager 2023 – FM23 Tips”

  1. blacklisted says:

    There isn't really any real bias in football manager. Injuries can be 90% managed on your own. Watch the minutes you give players with high injury risks and make sure you have depth. Good youth team members, even if they're garbage, are worth putting in teams when star players are injured especially if you're a top half team. Transfer values are based on a mixture of a team's financial status and the actual valuation of the player. Clubs like RB Leipzig will always have a full purse and won't need to sell their players at all, so they'll put their price as high as they can. Try and look for players with smaller reputations at poorer/struggling clubs. Also, the price the ai first gives you is usually 2x higher than the actual valuation they'll sell for. If your initial offer is a lowball, teams will take offense at that and give you a higher price. You need to give a mid range offer, but you can cheese it by adding random clauses to bump the total value up. Especially installations and competition win clauses.

  2. 'We should add shoot on sight' Thanks but no! Don't know if that works, not going to try. lol. Don't feel like that's going to fix not scoring from inside the box.

  3. I stopped playing Football Manager when the AI would switch over to 4-2-4 and the moment you adjust your tactics to counter it, it switches it back and then you can't make a change until the ball's dead…which was usually after they score.

  4. The monotone delivery, well edited & overall great content 😂
    Keep it up!

  5. Tip to avoid fixture congestion – you can set it so games only happen on 2 days in the week. I have it set to Wednesday and Saturday. Really helps manage your squad

  6. Virgo A'raaf says:

    I agree with all of them, more so on the idiot staffs, it doesn't matter how high their attributes, their advices are stinks!

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