New Mid-Size Compact Tractor. Kubota L4802

Kubota L4701 & L4802 HST Floor Mat (TC830-57510)

Kubota L4701 L4802 Gear Drive Floor Mat (TC830-47510)

Kubota’s new compact L4802 combines comfort, modern styling, and operability in this new standard model. The L02 Series provides the durability and versatility needed to tackle any job for small property owners at an affordable price. The L02 Series is available in a 2WD and 4WD with the options of Gear-Drive or HST transmission – ranging from 24.8 to 48.4 gross horsepower.

Built to deliver, the L02 Series includes a spacious operator station, improved comfortable suspension seat with optional arm rests, and standard rubber floor mats. The newly designed bonnet, LED headlights and work lights brings a premium appearance to the new L02 Series. By creating a compact tractor that is easy for everyone to use, Kubota has further improved the L02’s ease of operation and maintenance so that even first time buyers can operate with peace of mind.

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28 Replies to “New Mid-Size Compact Tractor. Kubota L4802”

  1. At 10:29 what rear and are we looking at? Not the 4802…

  2. wayne galvin says:

    Hi Neil, a long time ago you did a video about arms that you folks make for BX series Kubota tractor 3 point hitches, what are they called and are they in stock?

  3. Sparky Prep says:

    Ordered one back in Feb. I should be taking delivery on Monday. Finally!!!!

  4. bronco 79 says:

    I know it may be a minor detail but I have to have the rubber floor mat.

  5. Mustangman says:

    For $50k these tractors should come with brush inserts! I get that these level of tractors are utilitarian and not luxury oriented like the Grand series but still!
    I do have a 3902 and love the machine…very much like the upgrades from the 01 series but I have spent a bunch more money on upgrades …
    Like good hoops for tie down anchors (no real good spot in the front to tie down the tractor for hauling purposes) and I’ve installed the Brush inserts for the grill…also installed a 3rd function system!
    Over all very happy with the tractor and performs as it should.

  6. Hey Neil, your videos have been very informative and helpful, especially for a tractor newbie like me. Would love to see a video on the new LX3520 & LX4020. Not much about them out there.

  7. Joey W says:

    Thank goodness… I can get some floormats for L4701. And Messick's had 'em in stock. 🙂

  8. Todd says:

    should have put the loader control on the fender and did dual pedals.

  9. It looks like the new L4802 has LED headlights like the lower L series, you didn’t mention that. It’s a nice upgrade. Also, correct me if I’m wrong…I thought the new fuel filter / separator housing has a water in fuel sensor and warning light? This one appears to not have that.

  10. Mark Allison says:

    I had a 4701. Liked the tractor but ended up selling it strictly because the loader was so weak.

  11. Jon Leiend says:

    How many modles does Kubota need? Rural King has a hand full of tractors with clear differences. Too many slight variations was the primary reason I got a different branded orange tractor. I am still really happy with that other branded orange tractor. You have made a career talking about how 3 tractors are pretty much the same but have slight differences. I think one tractor did not have a couple options but it was cheaper to add the options after than installed at the factory instead of getting the tractor with the options from the factory.

  12. acdii says:

    I wish the L4060 had that PTO switch instead of having to flip the seat forward. Makes it a PITA when trying to use my sprayer wand.

  13. Aaron Barker says:

    As a note…. if you do buy those rubber mats, take the time to clean and paint the existing floor pan and allow the paint to cure fully… if you just plunk the mat down over the bare metal , it'll rust to beat the band.

  14. You need to push a button to operate the rear pto parked? Even with the parking brake on and Transmission in neutral….? I find this an over engineered and in desirable safety feature. Really my only gripe with that machine I can find besides the load valve being mounted forward of the operator station still.

  15. Would love to see a new step for the Grand L that would be a lot cheaper than the aftermarket $400+

  16. Early Riser says:

    Agree with Neil that we bought the MX6000 instead of the L4701. Price was close. But, I loved the larger tires and more 'grunt' in 4wd which I needed for road maintenance.

  17. Drew6709 says:

    L4240 has to have the seat positioned up to be able to use the PTO while off the machine.

  18. BTF Sawmill says:

    Does Kubota offer a hydrostatic tractor with something different then the heal toe peddle ?

  19. A little oopsie at 10:30, showing a different tractor. R14 tires, telescoping lower links.

  20. Craig Snyder says:

    Backhoe options…does this still take the BH92 that is unavailable anywhere on the east coast?

  21. I like these upgrades. Your videos are so much fun to watch as I try to figure out what lion get. Wish I lived closer to you but do purchase from you online when I can. Great service from your team!!

  22. Tim Urban says:

    Can the PTO button be added to my 4760 with air ride seat?

  23. M9 Ovich says:

    Thanks Neil,
    One of the things I have noticed with the deep groves & notches in a Floor Mat, certain boots of Mine get stuck in a Mat notch and the Groves in the Clutch Pedal. And with the strong Clutch Spring I have to Forceable pull My foot free.
    Mike M.

  24. J.C. Wren says:

    And unlike the L4701, the L4802 looks like it comes with the right side grab handle. Will the new fuel filter work on the L4701?

  25. Patriot says:

    I just bought a MX5400DT and love it! Best money I ever spent!

  26. Idiot says:

    I went to order the floor mat but how do I tell which one I need?

  27. All these years of making tractors and kubota still stands among the rest as one of the only tractors to not follow standards set forth decades ago…the pto shaft is still, too close to the drawbar.

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