Daniel keogh golf swing ,2 iron

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  1. Bts054 O54 says:

    That’s a great swing man but we’re you aiming that way? Do you realize your feet are aiming well right of where you hit it. Just a thought

  2. Juan Sanchez says:

    What distance on that 2 iron?

  3. Hey, tell me: You ever see a RH baseball batter with his feet aligned to the RIGHT of second base ?. No…Your FEET alignment makes the backswing (too) easy and the downswing through Impact (too) dependent on the arms/wrists. 
    To verify….try pulling your right foot away from the ball by a few inches at Address…..and, at the same time pushing your ,left foot TOWARDS the ball by a few inches. Let us know what happens when you swing (but do it slowly, OK ?).
    For comments/questions YouTube channel (Kenneth McAnally)

  4. Mo says:

    Great swing bro

  5. Rold Kevin says:

    Why do I keep seeing these videos in my feed

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