A Frankie, Trent and Lurch show. Dave Portnoy bought back 100% of Barstool Sports, and everyone is fired up. Frankie was back on the sticks for Barstool Radio – and his stress level skyrocketed. Lurch joins to talk about Justin Thomas, his night at the Taylor Swift concert, his health and golf game, Pickleball, and more. The boys take a couple interesting calls from fans, who tell a few unbelievable tales (including an absolute horror story) from the golf course.

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Intro – 00:00 – 00:20
Dave Portnoy Buys Back Barstool Sports – 00:21 – 18:23
Frankie’s House Work – 18:24 – 24:20
Lurch Joins – 25:30 – 26:59
Pickleball – 27:00 – 32:57
Irons – 32:58 – 34:53
State of Everyone’s Golf Game – 34:54 – 38:12
Ruptured Testicle Story – 38:13 – 44:36
Teasing New Merch – 47:28 – 48:14
Hole In One? – 48:15 – 51:41
Hole Outs – 51:42 – 56:23
Justin Thomas – 56:24 – 1:01:17
Ryder Cup – 1:01:18 – 1:03:54
Dave Portnoy – 1:05:57 – 1:10:29
Lurch’s Dinner – 1:10:30 – 1:12:04
Taylor Swift – 1:12:05 – 1:17:53
Everyone’s Health – 1:19:36 – 1:27:08
Cherry Valley – 1:28:09 – 1:30:17
Wedding Ring Story – 1:30:18 – 1:35:25
Ashes On Golf Course – 1:35:26 – 1:38:43
Aliens – 1:40:16 – 1:43:07
Fixing Frankie – 1:45:04 – 1:46:35



  1. The Way Back says:

    Always soooo good to see Lurch back in the mix!!!!

  2. Hole in one is still so much just luck that even if he played that same hole 18 times he likely wouldn’t have gotten it.

  3. John Mackey says:

    If you played 36 and made the hole in one on the second round you would count it!

  4. Flop2river says:

    Frankie is like a 40 year old lady checking Facebook every 20 seconds.

  5. Tom Franz says:

    Lurch just needs to be back in every episode!! 😂😂 Lurchy the eating machine

  6. dlove4499 says:

    If I was Trent and and was late to work and can’t break 90 I wouldn’t have my feet up

  7. Brandarh says:

    1:23:26 When Lurch mentions his tits jiggling while he brushes his teeth Trent laughs and pulls his shirt away from his very own jiggling tits. This was a good one boys

  8. Good to see lurch on the show. On the JT thing if he deserves to play in Ryder Cup because of past performance then Ian Poulter and Sergio would be playing forever!

  9. Lurch back and Dan gone please

  10. I feel bad for all of you. DP is trash.

  11. Ransom Getty says:

    you count the hole in one. Stupid argument. No different than if you played a hole before in the same orientation vs wind. You learn from all shots. Can you not get a hole in one on the back of a 9 hole course? What is the duration that has to pass before you count a hole in one? Silly. What if youre a member, play after work one day, then first round of the day the next morning?
    And the USGA allows for 9 hole rounds. they get paired up.

  12. I’m ready to get drafted

  13. Hans Reitz says:

    Lurch might be the happiest human on earth

  14. Jack Gouldin says:

    Need lurch every episode

  15. SMACK says:

    These are the best podcasts! Just the boys talking, I love it!

  16. Ej says:

    Crazy how well the pod does when Bozo is not on

  17. DBCooper says:

    @51:00 Block just shot 90 shots on the same hole and could not do it, its tough. Count it! Rory has shot professional golf for a long time now and has one. "Prior Knowledge"… Give it to him.

  18. When will lurch be back for good?

  19. 1:23:30 Trent is pushing 275lbs easily, just sits around eating and eating door dash

  20. ben g says:

    Frankie sucking off TM for the AI design, Callaway has done it for years.

  21. I want to see a Riggs Breaking 90 livestream. 18 holes at the same course.

  22. Kylegolfs says:

    where are the fore play golf videos???

  23. In response to the hole in 1 conversation, he can post two 9 hole rounds from the same front 9 in ghin, it'll combine for a legal score, hence legal hole in one

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