The Ultimate Backswing Swing Aid | BROOM DRILL Part 2

In this video, we’ll continue a look at the backswing with the aid of the broom drill. We’ll discuss how to create a perfect backswing by using the broom drill, and how to fix common backswing problems.

If you’re struggling with your backswing, or if you just want to improve your golf swing, then this video is for you! By following the steps in this video, you’ll be able to fix your backswing and improve your game dramatically!



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26 Replies to “The Ultimate Backswing Swing Aid | BROOM DRILL Part 2”

  1. Nhusky says:

    Yep, I did it. I did it all. All that bad stuff made my swing look like a reverse Jim Furyk. I didn't buy a broom but tried out the concepts on the range a couple days ago and after a little struggle expunging my old flat-to-steep swing I hit rockets for the last 30 balls of the 100 ball bucket. People even started to watch me hit.

    Amazing stuff! I hope I can take it to the course.

  2. Billy T says:

    You were born for this Stuart. I've seen a few coaches over the years…. one in particular for several years. Not ONCE in any lesson i've had, have i understood this concept in the detail u just described. Its not just the use of the broom thats genius, its your skill and acuity in explaining the forces and when to feel them. Do you ever do 1 on 1 full day sessions?

  3. Oh my. I’ve been playing for 30 years. The light bulb finally went on! Got it. Thank you so much!!!!

  4. Jamie Watson says:

    Hey i just found you and started watching your videos Stu.
    Sooooo much of what you are saying about the backswing and pressure on the handle dictating the club head angle is ringing so true to me. Can't wait to give it go and look forward to watching more of your videos.

  5. Bob Gruenke says:

    In one word describing your broom videos…Brilliant!!! I wish i would have seen these earlier, well done, the best i have seen on YouTube!

  6. You've changed my whole outlook and best of all amazingly consistent pure striking

  7. Your stance doesn't work for my low back, I stood like that for 20 years, got back pain, now I adress the ball more straight like Poston and back way better…… Any video on the Adress position?

  8. Hi I think I would hook the ball if I follow that swing… 🤔

  9. Always someone wanting something different! Enjoy you insightful lessons. Keep them coming and best wishes!

  10. pat c says:

    I appreciate those that try to help but way too much talking about "Minutia" and most was spoken about in Part 1..Also I would color the the broom head half green and other half red for visualization.

  11. 4:04, 7:15
    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Honestly, this will keep me going, hopefully my addiction to buying golf aides is over as well.

  12. The pressure & force exerted at the grip after the shaft laid down , was an eye opener for me . saw it couple of times to understand the concept . Thanks

  13. harry duncan says:

    Would you advise even seniors to avoid clubs that are too light. Thanks.

  14. Phil says:

    Love the broom series. Very good Coaching.
    With the Club i have a prob. Can u describe in which direction or Angle do U pull from the top of the backswing? I really stuggle with it. If i pull to my Zipper i Close the face to much. If i pull more Out i stand Up. Staying in my spine alone doesnt fit because the shoulder can move so 3d ish.

  15. M Ch says:

    If I only knew!! After 62 years of faulty instruction you changed by brain to relax and enjoy many, many, THANKS!!

  16. Al Lama says:

    Looking forward to broom drill part 3 where you elaborate more about the leveraging of the club through strike! 🙂 Very good drill and information, thank you.

  17. Can you do a video with the broom On how to keep the pressure down on the handle but the handle is actually raising due to the bodies extension?

  18. Ian Cox says:

    Would it be possible to request you to do a video explaining the Swiss ball drill against the wall please 🙏

  19. James Byrne says:

    Great video Stuart. On a roll!

  20. Ian Cox says:

    Thanks again for another great video, just don’t let the Mrs see you with a broom in hand or she may have me sweeping the garden 😳😳😳 seriously though a very good tutorial 👏👏👏

  21. Iain M says:

    Stuart, this video really resonates with me, as all the issues and symptoms you have spoken about are what's happening with my game for last 3 months. Pulls, blocks, wicked slices and the unmentionables. Going to try this drill. Interesting comments about going too light.

  22. Really enjoy the broom visual, it allows us to see exactly what happens at both ends of the club, and how the butt end really influences the club head movement. Thanks for sharing and educating us amateurs. What I’ve learned from this video in conjunction with the other “ broom” video is to stop trying to swing more to the inside or swing to right field, but get the correct grip for my swing and then swing in a very natural and athletic way with rhythm and timing. Cheers

  23. Another great video. Thanks for the lesson yesterday Stuart. I had a lot of fun and learnt a load to work on but where was the broom, that could have made all the difference! 😂. All the best, John.

  24. Golf Addicts says:

    Love it mate, been out on the broom this morning.

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