Detroit Lions Spike Kool-Aid Show 5.5.23

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  1. Come on down to Tampa..

  2. John Goodwin says:

    I really think that Goff is playing for something much more than money 💰. For most, when they get their money they slow down. You want ta see the true character of a person, see what motivates them after they get their money and you'll really start to see the person. Jared wants a ring, he's also started something with Brad here in Detroit, their building a team from the ground up and wants to see it threw. And then there's all the personal Pro-Football accolades that he wants to add to his resume.

  3. John Goodwin says:

    Derrick, how much if any access do you get to the Lions mandatory and voluntary camps and mini-camps? I think the first ones for Rookies start the end of May??

  4. paul thomas says:

    🎼🎵🎶Dietrich Furs 🎶🎵…Derrick good video. well, we wanted witherspoon. but brian branch is pretty good. i think we were gonna do this…spoon at 6, then our next pick gibbs. then we would have prob traded up in early 2nd round to take jack campbell. so we got almost everything we wanted.

  5. John Goodwin says:

    So many of the Detroits Fan Base listens to national shows, who let's face it, haven't shed a very good light on the Lions, and truthfully, rightfully so! This show and many Podcaster's like it love the Lions and are aliitle one-sided in their podcasts, and that's OK! Detroit is our Team. Things are and have changed for the Lions. Things though are still the same for the Tigers, Pistons and Wings and for many Detroiters they won't be found getting caught up in hopes that the Lions are turning it around!

  6. Shake N Bake says:

    What up Derrick and One Pride Fam!

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