Do This With Your DRIVER For 5 MINUTES To STOP Missing Fairways

Do This With Your DRIVER For 5 MINUTES To STOP Missing Fairways

Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 50 Golf Coach shares with you how to improve your driving in under 5 minutes.
These simple driving tips will make a difference to how you drive the ball in under 5 minutes.

I even share the JOHN RHAM set up secret.

Follow his tried and tested tips straight from his golf academy.
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00:00 intro to driving tip
00:36 the driver set up
01:00 trail arm with driver
02:30 9 ball routine with the driver
03:20 hit up and from inside with the driver
03:50 the john rham set up
05:02 the end

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5 Replies to “Do This With Your DRIVER For 5 MINUTES To STOP Missing Fairways”

  1. Thanks for watching do this for 5 minutes to stop missing fairways

  2. Absolutely brilliant 👏🏽 will be doing asap 👏🏽!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Collins says:

    Very cute kid! Thanx for the tip.

  4. Excellent tips Alistair in "five minutes to hit driver and stop missing fairways!" My swing is "in to out," so I have not problem with what you are saying in this video. In doing with what you are suggesting in this video, I have learned to stay in the short grass or relatively close to it. Always learning from your videos Alistair! Keep up the good work!!

  5. More great swing thoughts to bring out to the course….much appreciated. Nice to see your son…thanks…Mark

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