Walton Heath – Toughest AIG Women's Open venue EVER?

Join Iona and this years President of Walton Heath Golf Club, Jill Thornhill as they take on the 2023 AIG Women’s open Layout.

Jill won the 1983 British Ladies Amateur, the 1986 English Women’s Amateur Championship and the 1993 Women’s Senior Amateur. She played in the Curtis Cup in 1984, 1986 and 1988.

Thank you Jill for your wonderful company


38 Replies to “Walton Heath – Toughest AIG Women's Open venue EVER?”

  1. Tim Quinlan says:

    Hard to do this one justice with a comment, I think. It epitomizes everything that is wonderful about golf. So happy you introduced us to Jill.

  2. Spectacular. As T said. It doesn't get better than this.

  3. Coo Bay says:

    Just saw Iona on Rick Shiels channel. Liked her personality so I searched for her channel and subscribed. Like Jill who shot her age, at 70 that has been my number one goal in golf in recent years. Closest I've come so far is a 74. I will do it🙏

  4. Lyle Smith says:

    Wonderful. Just wonderful.

  5. Steven H says:

    You have a magical knack of making golf look easy and calming. Not sure how you do it. That was a lovely 25 minutes.

  6. Iona has such a beautiful and easy swing. Makes golf look so much easier than it is.

  7. Brilliant channel. Loving the content. As a suggestion, it would be great if you had some form of camera on you when you walked the course following the action at these big championships. Would give a completely different angle on the action.

  8. Robert Hall says:

    What a great smooth swing Jill has. A lesson for all of us hackers to try and emulate. Great viewing.

  9. A special golf course. One I dearly miss since I moved to the US

  10. briarmeadow says:

    Brilliant. Both of you. All that is great about golf. Beginning with the letter from Edward to the ongoing commentary to the images of the course speaking for itself.

    Looking forward to the next. Well done.

  11. deathrider54 says:

    The course setup looks like it will be a very fitting challenge for this year's Open. However you must of managed to film this round on one of the last days this summer that the sun decided to grace us with its presence because its been raining pretty much everyday since. 🌨🌨🌨😂

  12. Jared C says:

    This is really incredible content. Iona is so refreshing, knowledgable, kind, and shows her passion for golf in everything she chooses to share with us. Truly looking forward to anything she wants to share with the world about the game of golf. Inspiring attitude, and content.

  13. A brilliant watch Iona. This is what's brilliant about golf…a game for all ages.

  14. Excellent viewing…thank you Iona…

  15. Matt S says:

    There is something so calming and relaxing about your videos Iona, the way you describe the course and strategy you would use to navigate your way around, combined with the stunning views of the various golf courses, such a joy to watch. What a lovely lady Jill is and can still hit great golf shots, absolutely wonderful.

  16. A really wonderful vlog, well played both on a great course and if the weather would behave if will be a true test.
    I just love playing James Braid courses, he sets out to test every part of your game, he gives you something but also sets you up to take back if your not careful. Wonderful 😊

  17. Paul Daly says:

    As Tina would say, you're simply the best! Fabulous

  18. StuBoy says:

    Well, this is as good as it gets isn't it.

    Such a well made film on golf from start to finish. Beautiful. Few have made me want to go out and play more than this. Reminds us about what it is we love, and the importance of playing with people of a different generation.

  19. sean clarke says:

    Great video, Jill is a lovely lady, im looking forward to the ladies British Open, that was a lovely insight into the course.

  20. A breath of fresh air in the Golfing World, your future is assured!

  21. Alan Thomson says:

    Fantastic ❤best videos and commentary with interesting facts and normal playing golf with you.

  22. So tranquil, like being out there, lovely music as well, class class class

  23. Discr says:

    Honestly, I'd like the smooth tempo of Jill's golf swing!! And Iona, what can we say at this point? Your personality and the quality of the production leaves us mesmerized and feeling like we are watching something special. Seeing this review of the course will definitely enhance my viewing experience of the Open. Thank you.

  24. FM1 says:

    My favourite video Iona ! Keep it up

  25. Peter Maher says:

    Love this video Iona. Combined all that is good about golf, great companionship, a beautiful golf course, some very good golf and plenty of insightful commentary re. how the pros may approach the course in the AIG open. A nice balance with the scorekeeping rounds. Can't wait to see more from Iona and the team.👍👏

  26. biggaspirit1 says:

    Really enjoyed watching this video. Two lovely people playing good golf on a great course. Heathland golf at its best.

  27. JP says:

    Wow, best Iona Video so far from my point of view! The vibes, the pictures, the treatment of each other, just awesome and shows again: Golf connects generations an remembers me on golf rounds with my grandma and loosing agains her as young strong boy in stablefort! Just great!
    Keep on doing Iona. Greetings from Germany!

  28. Bat Man says:

    I think Jill is wonderful and a very good player. The course looks easy, until one starts to actually play it. I look forward to the Ladies playing it. Thanks for taking us around and showing the course. Good stuff.

  29. Mick Ritchie says:

    Such a good player. Great to watch.

  30. Paul Terry says:

    Good golf good company what more could you want, think AIG should give you a wild card Iona.

  31. Steinar Hovi says:

    Another class video, you bring such a nice feeling and mood with your attitude.
    And kudos to your camera person- the framing, perspectives and panning are hard to beat. Once I started noticing how good it was I almost forgot to focus on the content 😂

  32. Lovely, and a good lenght (time wise for a video). Thank you iona

  33. Henry Biemba says:

    I love Iona's touch and feel on the golf course. Her presence and passion for the sport is electric. She speaks so eloquently and I'm right there with her whether I'm holding a club in my hands or my phone. Iona is so good at golf and so is Jill. This is by far one of the best videos ever made about the game of golf. I absolutely love it. All of it ❤

  34. Mike Snowden says:

    An observation – I noticed you were pushing along with your bound wrist, or do you find a push trolley helps you eg "set" your wrist?

    With my wrist injury, I find an electric trolley minimises load, and uneven effort between hands

  35. This was such a humble video , Jill is amazing and Iona on top form as usual , how you don’t have like 1m subs is beyond me

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