Dodgers Beat Brewers! Syndergaard Exits Early, How LA Will Replace Him, Vargas Heating Up & More!

Let us know where you’re repping Dodgers Nation tonight!!

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24 Replies to “Dodgers Beat Brewers! Syndergaard Exits Early, How LA Will Replace Him, Vargas Heating Up & More!”

  1. Cameron Coy says:

    These days it’s more like the Dodgers go as Will Smith goes!! He needs to DH (like today) when Barnes catches!!!

  2. It looks like Gavin Stone will be recalled when Syndergaard goes on the IL.

  3. Bigg Wynn says:

    Noah is garbage this year. He needs to be replaced by either Miller or stone

  4. Bruce Davis says:

    We'll it was Good win but are starting rotation Fall part

  5. Bruce Davis says:

    Rojas suck d Mac One of the worst trade

  6. Thor has to be send DFA too. He has not convinced anyone yet.

  7. Trade Thompson for one of those ghosts at the hotel. Same difference.

  8. L Rojas says:

    Taylor still can't hit

  9. Roy Miller says:

    Are we waiting for our pitchers to hit 30 years old b4 we bring them up ???

  10. Hughe says:

    Syndeergard needs a babysitter and the hell out LA, the Angels dumped him why the Dodgers got suckered in to sign him was beyond me the man is damage goods for any team He spent his best years with the Mets that is all I will say, oh and by the way Roberts need to get fired He is a dumb fool at managing!

  11. Syndergaard and Shelby MIller have to switch places for awhile…or give Bobby Miller or Gavin Stone the ball –they can't do worse than Thor

  12. Gordon Ames says:


  13. mayo1965 says:

    Mike in Virginia. Great win!!

  14. Bob D says:

    What the hell was syndergaard even starting the game if he had blister issues and frankly it looked as though dave roberts was caught by surprise with the news. Based on his reaction when camera's were showing him and possum in dugout

  15. Anthony says:

    Replace him by cutting him loose.

  16. L.Pasteur says:

    Max Muncy has barely made any good contact this road trip. And the offense at large has squandered RISP. They left the bases loaded on a couple different occasions. Betts weakly popping out with only one out and the bases loaded was a bummer. Max Muncy’s GIDP in the top of the 9th was also frustrating.

  17. Eagle Fang says:

    Fire Roberts!!!!

  18. Can we take back Gallo I miss the guy

  19. C Q says:

    Vargas has been real sloppy at 2nd Rojas at SS as well

  20. Why does Doug look like will smith

  21. Taylor nabbed Yelich in 2018 and now this!

  22. I Be Strokin says:

    I've never been big on robots umps, but damn they make the case game by game. And it's not just a Dodgers thing, the umps are all over the place no matter the team!

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