Donald Trump takes shots at Biden, DeSantis during Lincoln Dinner in Iowa | LiveNOW from FOX

Donald Trump spoke amongst other Republican presidential candidates at a campaign event in early voting Iowa. He touted his own polling numbers in addition to taking aim at President Biden and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump’s appearance comes just one day after he was charged with more counts in the classified documents case and while he prepares for an indictment in the Jan. 6 probe.

The first 2023 Republican primary debate will be aired by Fox News and held on August 23, 2023, at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It will be moderated by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

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25 Replies to “Donald Trump takes shots at Biden, DeSantis during Lincoln Dinner in Iowa | LiveNOW from FOX”

  1. One✌ says:

    That is correct 2024 Democracy your freedom is on line everyone that wants to enjoy Liberty & Justice must vote 💙 not ❤ for 2024 Vote Your Heart💙 March Like Hell💙.

  2. Kevin I says:

    The fact that a soon to be convicted felon has a chance to become POTUS says a lot about how freaking crazy the GOP has become.

    I miss the days of descency and respect. 2008 McCain vs Obama. McCain "Obama is a good family man. I have fundamental disagreements with him on policy. Which is why I will be a better president.". (summary)

  3. P Stewart says:

    ✝️🕊💗🌎TrumPET 🐶💗

  4. Vegas NV says:

    Only great people get persecuted.

  5. Trump was the worst president ever. He's a traitor

  6. Please 🛑 stop addressing this orange thing as a president, but address it for what it is, a former 1 term president.

  7. BRING BACK TRUMP!! Jail Senile Joe Biden and his corrupt son Hunter

  8. Carol Benson says:

    Trump acting like a second grade child. Pretty sad.

  9. Josh Groom says:

    What a sad criminal he is. He no more loves America than a brick does. He does not know the meaning of love

  10. Jim Brannan says:

    I don't understand why people want him to run again when he failed so badly the first time. He fired everyone that he hired like he was still on his TV show and didn't get anything done like the wall. People won't admit it but inflation didn't start when Biden entered office, it started when Trump started the China tariffs. EVERYTHING started going up after that. The good things he did, any GOP President would have done and are not that exciting to brag about like his judges he appointed. I voted for him the first time and he failed me in the end. He is not fit for the job. We need DeSantis.

  11. 4topher2 says:

    You people that keep supporting this man are being played for the fools that you are! Off the record, Trump calls you people suckers and losers and that he could tell you anything and you will always believe him… It's pathetic! 🙈🙉🙊

  12. Lail dragon says:

    donald trump is unsatisfactorily intelligent. his imprudence is self-evident as with improficiency.

  13. Sly Demone says:

    A support for trump is a support for rape. Hes a convicted rapist. Why do you like rape?

  14. Titani um says:

    “They’re after you but getting me” isn’t that sounds like a breakup lie that losers use to manipulate people.😮 it’s not you, it’s me… blah

  15. Titani um says:

    trump lies and lies on the campaign trail but is a chicken in court. He shuts his mouth and pleads “The FIFTH” What a parasitic liar.

  16. Ok did that song humble that fool even 1%? …Prob not! But he did look a lil somber though..he’s unfreakingbelievable

  17. I’m cracking up here. Lol

    One might go to prison
    One might be president

    Genius! Vote for the DJ.

  18. James Shea says:

    President trump, I am a honorably discharged vet, when you are elected again please remember this msg.!! We send billions of dollars to friend and for alike yet we refuse to provide basic dental care to our veterans, I don't understand why. Any dentist will tell you that many many dresses are caused by bad teeth. I can't even get the vet adm. To pull a bad tooth. Why???! Please do right by our vets! GOD save our country, amen!!

  19. When Trump encouraged his crowd to chant "Lock her up" he had no reservations about putting a political opponent in prison. Well now karma has hit him like an express freight train.

  20. Marie James says:

    “Repug Party”

  21. Henry Lim says:

    He looks sad, no energy.
    A speech that is read all the way does not comes from the his heart, comes from the speech writer’s idea

  22. phil blanque says:

    Trump to Melania: "I have bad news. I may be criminally indicted four times." Melania: "WHAT! That is unthinkable! That is outrageous! ONLY FOUR?"

  23. millstb says:

    When you search "Fox news trump indictment" you get no current news when it's in fact all over the place. The only results are from 1 and 2 months ago. Why do you not report all the news ?? Are you really just a Trump mouthpiece.

  24. G R says:

    Our Nation needs a better President DJTRIUNFO.
    No cocaine man, No santixorox
    Maga Forever🙏🏻🇺🇸🗽🦅with DJTRIUNFO

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