The best towel in golf! How to use our exclusive wash pocket

Golf towels are a staple in the game. Everyone needs to clean their balls after a game on a muddy hole, but using a thin towel means the towel gets dirty, the ball stays muddy, and you’re stuck with both. Here at Aiming Fluid Golf, we found the process tedious, so we found the best golf towels. Now we use the Tall Boy and pair it up with the smaller magnetic golf towel, Stubby. Our balls are clean for that perfect shot, are yours?

Tall Boy lives up to his name. At 20″ x 30″, this super absorbent microfiber golf towel gets deep into the grooves of clubs and scrubs golf balls clean. With a special wash pocket built in, you’ll have a place to wash your clubs and balls and still have a large dry towel to shine off. The wash pocket cleans your equipment on the course whenever you need to.

How does the wash pocket work? It’s simple:

Get the wash pocket wet.
The rest of the towel will stay dry, but the pocket now offers a great little chamber to clean your golf balls.
Drop a ball marker where your ball was, then slide your ball into the pocket.
The deep waffle pattern microfiber will scrub every dimple clean and then dry it off.
You’re ready to drop your putt! Good luck.
The magnet built into Tall Boy and Stubby is one of the highest-quality magnets we’ve found. It sticks to anything metal easily. That means you can attach it to most of your clubs, the golf cart, and anywhere else you feel curious about! While driving around the course, your magnetic golf towels will stay firmly in place. It’s also strong enough to pick up with your clubs and move, or even move your clubs!

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have one towel during a long round of golf. That’s why having both a Tall Boy and a Stubby is a great idea. Carry Stubby with you onto the course for a quick cleanse and polish in the wash pocket, and Tall Boy can wait at your golf cart. Wipe your face, your hands, and anything else you need when you get back to the cart!

Stubby might be self-conscious of his size, but we think he’s the perfect size for the green. At 16″ x 24″, use Stubby to clean off every dimple of your ball. The best part about this towel is how easy it is to transport. With its compact design, you can take them anywhere. Keep one in your bag so you always have a clean towel. You never know when you’ll need one.

Keeping your gear and balls clean will help them last longer, and clean gear stays in top shape, saving you money. It just makes sense to have a way to clean your equipment quickly, and having multiple magnetic golf towels hooked to your golf cart means you can share with your buddies. Get the best golf towels here today

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