Drew Gibson Thinks This Is The Greatest Round Of Disc Golf Ever?!

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19 Replies to “Drew Gibson Thinks This Is The Greatest Round Of Disc Golf Ever?!”

  1. Humor takes? I guess I missed those.

  2. I like it but there are definitely some audio miscues.

  3. Pigs says:

    No real fan of this sport would call the Masters Cup a week off, fuck that silver series shit, it's a borderline major…

  4. I’m forever a CCDG guy

  5. Frank Haula says:

    Gibson just wants to be different than everybody else

  6. Simo Kree says:

    Very interesting video, well made. One comment though, clear your throat

  7. Serious question: Why is Calvin Heimburg being referred to as "

  8. Leo Julio says:

    Lol please replace jerm man! Shit is entertaining and funny. And real!

  9. Pigs says:

    Wait what was the Drew tweet about Jomez?

  10. Neil Cutter says:

    Jomboy of disc. Always good stuff

  11. Jack Cade says:

    6:30 "respectively" NOT "respectfully."

  12. is this Jomboy disc golf? 😀

  13. Tim Houston says:

    Yeah I wonder how many pros are on testosterone treatment to get an edge and if that will be allowed or not. When they say drug testing are there referring to recreational drugs or performance enhancing drugs because those are two different things and both very common

  14. Pickle Media says:

    Mertsch's celebration was a bit cringe

  15. Great round by Conrad no doubt about that. This was not better than Paul McBeth’s -18 at DGLO. Paul’s putts were insane and that course is just as difficult if not more.

  16. Todd Edwards says:

    Hate the mono tone way you talk/read. You sound like a 4th grader just reading words and not really paying attention to what they are talking about. Your just mindlessly reading. L

  17. This has quickly become just about my favorite disc golf content 😂
    Keep it up 👍

  18. Loved the Workaholics reference 😂

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