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Watch Matt Hyatt get fitted by Simon for a new Driver

In this personalised fitting experience, we will carefully analyse Matt’s unique swing characteristics, preferences, and physical attributes to find the perfect golf setup that complements his game. Our primary goal is to optimise distance, accuracy, and overall performance, ensuring Matt achieves his full potential off the tee

Swing Analysis:

We will start by conducting a comprehensive swing analysis using TrackMan launch monitor which will capture critical data points, such as swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and smash factor. By understanding Matt’s swing dynamics, we can identify the ideal driver specifications to maximise his efficiency and power.

Ball Flight Assessment:

Next, we’ll evaluate Matt’s ball flight patterns, including shot shape and trajectory. This analysis will help us determine the most suitable loft and face angle settings, ensuring he achieves the desired ball flight and optimal carry distance.

Shaft Selection:

Choosing the right shaft is vital for a golfer’s performance. Based on Matt’s swing speed and tempo, we will assess various shaft options with emphasis on shaft weight, and bend profile. The ideal shaft will provide him with better control, consistency, and enhanced feel, ultimately leading to improved shot dispersion and accuracy.

Clubhead Options:

To optimise launch and forgiveness, we will present Matt with a range of clubhead options. We’ll explore the latest technologies and design innovations, including adjustable weights and advanced materials, to fine-tune the driver’s characteristics and cater to his individual preferences.

Grip Selection:

A proper grip is crucial for maintaining control and comfort during the swing. We will assess grip size and material to ensure Matt feels confident and connected to the club, promoting a repeatable and reliable swing motion.

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