The Upshot: Season Overview, Ohn Scoggins, Super Silvers

Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield break down a big weekend of Silver point events with some big surprise winners. Then they welcome in Ohn Scoggins for the first time on The Upshot! A discussion about the season so far, the POTY race, and what’s to come rounds out the episode.

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0:00 Silver Weekend Wrapup
22:15 Ohn Scoggins Interview
38:20 The Season Thus Far

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11 Replies to “The Upshot: Season Overview, Ohn Scoggins, Super Silvers”

  1. You guys are great!
    Cogent even-handed takes are rare in disc golf on YouTube
    Not to mention that you are the only channel to have never made me cringe from constant grade school level grammar errors. This includes the live commentators as well to a lesser extent.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Can we please get a go fund me for Ohn and Justin to go to Europe next year?

  3. I can't believe it took you this long to get "Showtime" on for an interview. She Is my favorite player in either division by a mile.

  4. People keep ignoring the cell issues for live coverage at the wooded courses. The video is way worse. Also you just can't get the spectators. There should be a Jomez tour the plays the better courses and just forgoes the live coverage.

  5. KravKwon says:

    Mid America had ample spectator areas set up all through the course. However there was not a large spectator turnout due to so few of the top players being there.
    The players could have played a full round the second day, the rain came down for about 45 mins and the creek took an additional 45 to go down. The Pro tour Brass decided to call a second delay which was unnecessary and caused the players to not be able to finish their rounds and initiated the mid round cut.

  6. Gas Guy says:

    Be nice to also interview Scott Stokely… he's done well lately.

  7. I have truly loved the parody this season it’s beautiful to watch

  8. Blake West says:

    Ohn truly does indeed, have that dog in her.

  9. the one and OHNly!! yes, you are so exciting. tasty show throughout, lads!

  10. There’s not too much on the schedule if you utilize post-produced!

  11. Todd Clifton says:

    Intro music is getting better. The old school funk track was the best.

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