Drummer Plays Episode One [Part One] – The Expanse: A Telltale Series

The Expanse: A Telltale Series throws you straight into the magboots of XO Camina Drummer as she scavenges wrecked ships, survives a mutiny, and combats fearsome pirates.

True to Telltale style, the game has you making critical decisions throughout, but we got to wondering… what would Drummer do?

To settle our curiosity, Cara Gee who plays Drummer in both The Expanse TV series and the Telltale Series, sat down with Stephan Frost, Game Director, for a playthrough of Episode One!



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44 Replies to “Drummer Plays Episode One [Part One] – The Expanse: A Telltale Series”

  1. The Expanse: A Telltale Series is OUT NOW!

    Playstation: https://bit.ly/3rwbou2

    Epic: https://bit.ly/473zGMi

    Xbox: https://bit.ly/3rvYLz0

    Buy Now: https://bit.ly/Expansebuynow

    Episode 2 is coming in less than a week 👀

  2. Jack Cordial says:

    I LOVED ep 1, and can't wait for the next installments. Hearing that theme again and seeing the phenomenal job done with the setting design gave me goosebumps. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how Dtummer's accent sort if varies or adapts depending on who she's talking to? There's heavy belter elements and sounds on her inner dialogue that get stringer when she's talking with other belters, but with inners, you can tell she tones it back and adopts a more neutral tone. Absolutely top-notch.

  3. Just downloaded this game and I’m beyond excited to play it. I’m glad to see this video I’m saving it to watch after I play the game. I wish there were more conversations about the game, so very excited about this video.

  4. Juiceboxbmw says:

    Can she do the voice in the next episode I wanna hear it irk

  5. Salim Dağ says:

    Poor mocap guys! Why did not Cara make the mocap? I watched the tv series and i did not recognize the character even refers to drummer…

  6. Hello teltale will we get more news about the wolf amount us 2 it’s became very quits and it’s making me nervous that the game has been cancelled can you confirm if your still working on it ? (I’m a big fan by the way )

  7. “Nothing built can last forever” I miss minecraft story mode😢

  8. no way its finally out!

  9. I just played ep.1 and I am still in awe of everything you guys put together. Can't wait for the rest!
    Thank you for choosing The Expanse as your re-launch title, and thank you for diving deep into the show/books/everything!
    Excited for any other future cameos or easter eggs throughout.
    P.S. Great work on the Dawes voice over.

  10. Team Tomik says:


  11. SYABi79 says:

    She is really nice.

  12. There is so much material missing from the show that was in the books I heard. It's great to see Drummer again! Best character IMO in the show with lots of other great characters.

  13. Fish Kungfu says:

    She is so freaking cool!


  15. hawkwood says:

    damn, I need to avoid all things telltale till the whole thing comes out 🙁

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh caraaaaa ^^

  17. Enormhi says:

    Cara sounds like such a fun person

  18. Telltale games make walking dead season 5

  19. OhManTFE says:

    Wolf among us episode 1 – 2 hours long.

    expanse episode one – 30 minutes long.

    Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

  20. Why is it not on steam

  21. xNately says:

    What about batman season 3?

  22. Old Scratch says:

    This is so cool. Never did I think Camina would be playing as herself lol.

  23. UberNoodle says:

    @5:16 Regarding the lights in the sets. This sounds a bit like what was done in Alien. Because the Nostromo set was fully enclosed, and there were no studio lights, all of the lighting was done through lights built into the set itself. So all of the lighting was functional and authentic.

  24. Xanderlorian says:

    No lie, it would have ruined my play time with someone asking and telling me about everything happening or gonna happen

  25. Awesome! So far Cara picked every one of the choices I made in this game ! I was always thinking, What would Drummer do? 🤣🥰

  26. Ball of seething rage vs. ray of sunshine in human form…

  27. Amir Khaj says:

    By the way. The main menu soundtrack…
    Very smart choice.
    I love that music.

  28. Pa cuando un the walking dead temporada 5😼

  29. Amir Khaj says:

    Every time I see cara in an interview ، she's laughing and having fun…
    i love her ❤

  30. AF1 says:

    Love Cara!! She’s amazing, the contrast between herself and drummer is so funny and a testament to her acting! 👏

  31. stitchfan08 says:

    I hope the small choices play a role later on with other episodes

  32. Cainite says:

    Why don't you want my money???

  33. minecraft story mode S3 when?

  34. unitor699 says:

    damn she thicc asf

    yeah i am a simp

  35. nolan palmer says:

    Its insane how different her actual voice is from her "Drummer voice".

  36. Oh! Two people I'm a fan of!

  37. D7OOM_ZERO says:

    She look way different without her character makeup

  38. Ninu Chan says:

    omg Drummer!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. So excited for this. Drummer is such an awesome character. The voice acting is fantastic. It’s a testament to how amazing of an actor Cara is, even when she’s just in a “white room” lol
    Great job Telltale.
    Also; 18:59 TEXAS! Yee-haw!!

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