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This is the all-new Mazda 3! Rolling in with a sleek exterior and a high-quality interior, on the face of it the new Mazda 3 may have what it takes to tempt you away from premium hatchbacks like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class! But is it the same story when you dig a little deeper and test out what it’s like to drive, along with how practical it is? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

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32 Replies to “Mazda 3 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews”

  1. carwow says:

    Hey guys – Don't worry, we'll be renaming 'Geek Mode' and Mat will stop doing the silly voice from now on (although we still have one more video lined up which will include it). He insisted that he keeps the lab coat, though, so that might make a return!

  2. jrt2007gjdje says:

    the boot is ugly.

  3. Cyber Exile says:

    soft touch back seat doors… that was the deal breaker, thanks for the clarification.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Love the hand communication

  5. Matt says:

    Can we get a new review with the updates engines or are they the virtually the same? Any owners came from a Turbo engine to this and your thoughts?

  6. After my mazda 3 from 2011 im never buying a mazda again.
    That car was not meant to be used in hot countries. It literally melted.

  7. Lo ranger says:

    The headlights are so cool

  8. this car is so pretty definitely something i would get, but theres some parts i dont like.

  9. Tory AG says:

    Where can I get this colour ive looked everywhere

  10. G. Moore says:

    What is the sound system on the Select and preferred trim levels

  11. can you do a review of cx30?

  12. I’m the US the only version with a manual is the premium which has some but not all features, and doesn’t have the turbo, but it’s such a fun car to drive, I have a borla axleback on it and it sounds amazing

  13. NG1 - studio says:

    In my country they don’t sell the manual version

  14. Neil Stait says:

    To be fair I took your advice and bought a Golf 8 and it is the worse car I have ever had

  15. For god sake the car will not lock itself even if you use the boot locker if the keys are inside the car 😂😂😂

  16. v says:

    Why do u have to behave like clown in order to review the car ?

  17. 06:02 What the bonkers!! that's some black magic with that bottle Matt 😀

  18. Jacob says:

    Side profile is excellent..

  19. Legend says that after this review, Mazda banned Mat Watson from reviewing its cars.

  20. Coming back to this video after watching a podcast with Mat and he explained how offended and upset Mazda got due to the cat pooing design similarity 🤣

  21. M C says:

    Everytime I see this gen of Mazda3 Hatch on the road, especially from the rear or rear 3/4, I think it's lovely.

  22. Red Rum says:

    As a man who is single and has no children, it's a keeper.

  23. Ali Al-Mahdi says:

    Why is this guy acting like a moron? Mazda shouldn't give their cars to these dumb people to review.

  24. Min Yura says:

    I’m 4’11 height does mazda 3 is too big for me 🙈 anyone with short legs badly want to buy this

  25. Hi
    I was wondering if you could've done a review of Mazda CX30.

  26. rishi roxx says:

    Most beutiful hatchback ♥️

  27. Hammertime44 says:

    So this is the reason we don’t see any more Mazdas on the Carwow channel… mazda asked him to take it down because of the cat pooing reference 😂

  28. kylen v says:

    Now we know why Mazda doesn't loan cars to CarWow anymore.

  29. I came from the podcast 😂😂😂

  30. Riwaaz says:

    Here after the podcast lmao ifykyk

  31. pakirambo7 says:

    LOOOOL Mazda asked him to take down this video 😂

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