Duck Game meets XCOM? (Mr Sun's Hatbox)

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This video came from my stream on May 1st, 2023. Catch me live from 9AM-2PM every weekday here:

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41 Replies to “Duck Game meets XCOM? (Mr Sun's Hatbox)”

  1. When I’m at a poorly run airport sent on a wild goose chase to find my bag. I can’t help humming to myself: despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage. Glad you made it out mr northern

  2. Ilir Tanku says:

    2 of my favorite games

  3. delimonky12 says:

    It’s so funny that in eggs mind the dirtiest rap song ever is a man saying “grrr ruff ruff”

  4. Axeloy says:

    there was a review that listed some of my favorite games combining into this and i was curious about it ever since, probably will be a purchase

  5. Douglas King says:

    What if the Mr. Men book series met Hotline Miami?

  6. Magical Capi says:

    This game is like an amalgamation of this whole channel… Even the characters are all bald
    Just, cards got replaced by hats, and some pets are missing, and it's NL's secret indie game

  7. Detric says:

    Sometimes NL makes me want to play games because I sit there and think, "There's no way that he can be this bad. I should play this game because I want to see if it's really as hard as he makes it look."

  8. Zaxophone32 says:

    Him ominously hovering over the forgetful trait at the end is an amazing cliffhanger

  9. Aleczin says:

    For some reason, the delivery driver going above and beyond to deliver the package. All while Mr. Sun is pretty indifferent about it, is peak humor to me.

  10. fisk ogat says:

    That is the same font used in earthbound :0

  11. Flying Ace says:

    Hey northernlion just saw a new game on steam a rogue lite hockey game and thought of you! I was like "did they make this for northernlion?" lol

  12. Phoenix says:

    NL growling along to the piano track is lowkey a great bit

  13. Jasper Wong says:

    Thank you NL, it's so satisfying to watch

  14. jake hopgood says:

    Got me with XCOM.

  15. Its 2D midnight suns? Pog

  16. cameron says:

    omega strikers released and its sickkkkkkk

  17. Protip gate check-ing car seats voids safety warranties.

  18. Rhodes1287 says:

    Duck game is one of the greatest couch competitive games ever made

  19. GJP GAMES says:

    NL traveling to LAX, some flight attendant told me that the strollers are brought out the jetway, then the gate attendant tells me that it's by the entrance where i just came out of, but i can't get back in because i just walked out. So I'm waiting 10+ minutes for the gate attendant to bring me my stroller and carseat! 😡 never again will i listen to flight attendants

  20. cs guy says:

    This game slaps

  21. ProbablyRed says:

    More people need to watch this. A game to be on the lookout for. It's kinda like Streets of Rogue, but the depth is moved to different aspects of the game.

  22. JoeCMath says:

    I am here for XCOM, is this XCOM at home?

  23. forLogic5 says:

    This is one level above Cuphead tutorial game journalist.

  24. Only nl can fail so horribly while complaining that the game is too easy

  25. Greg Ingber says:

    You guys this is so fun.

  26. Ben Cox says:

    4 minute stunlock 20 seconds into the video

  27. Slushpies says:

    "Its like hunt showdown"… hunt stream when?

  28. 404 says:

    Just had a flight this past weekend, the jetway miscommunications are infuriating. This poor lady's waiting for her wheelchair and like no one knows what's going on.

  29. wxly says:

    where the fuck is my wildrost video im fucking pissed

  30. Bald man with baby hijacks commercial airplane

  31. Opossum Boy says:

    The Fulton mechanic is unironically one of my favorite mechanics in a game, I spent so long in MGS5 just stealing shit for no reason using the balloons

  32. LOOP FM says:

    The stroller anecote genuinely had me rolling, the whole airport praying on his downfall and him dubbing the random passerby who helped him Angel is a story I live for.

  33. Alkali Wreck says:

    Came for gameplay, stayed for based stroller anecdote

  34. juice says:

    Side view Hotline Miami meets XCOM meets Gungeon

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